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What Couple Has To Say After Sehaj Arora Suicide Video Goes Viral?

Sehaj Arora is the subject of numerous online rumours, so we’ll provide you with more information about her in this article. People research her online and are interested in learning more about the Kulhad Pizza video that is currently trending online.

In this article, we provide our readers with all the information they require regarding the Sehaj Arora rumours. Additionally, we’ll discuss a video of her that has gained popularity and is frequently searched for online. So if you want to learn more, keep reading.

Rumours of Sehaj Arora’s suicide

Following the couple’s Kulhad Pizza video‘s success, there were online rumours that Sehaj Arora had committed suicide. character on social media A lot of people follow Sehaj Arora on various social media platforms. Her business partnership with her husband Gurpreet Kaur is well known.

They go by the name of the Kulhad Pizaa team, and at the moment, everyone is talking about them. Everything began when they claimed to be themselves in a popular online video. The couple is in a lot of trouble as a result of the popular video, and numerous rumours about them are being spread online by various sources.

There were numerous reports of Sehaj Arora’s suicide on the internet after she and her husband appeared in a well-known video. According to reports, Kulhad Pizaa and his companion were seen sharing a private moment. Arora’s renowned pizzeria claimed to have fired a woman who shared a personal video for failing to perform her duties.

Trolls are now pursuing Sehaj and her husband as a result of how well-liked her video was, and their names have been connected to a number of fabrications. Recently, another aspect of Arora’s suicide attempt has drawn a lot of online attention. Reputable news sources haven’t yet provided any facts or details about this.

Since her video went viral, Sehaj Arora has stopped speaking to the media. Her husband Gurpreet Kaur only made a few Instagram posts about the global incident. The couple expressed their ire over the rumours by claiming that the well-known video was fake. Some websites even claimed that AI created the video.

New parents Kulhad Pizza recently welcomed their first child. They claimed they were occupied at the time the video went viral and were unaware of what was happening. We’ll adopt Sehaj. On Instagram, he has more than a million followers. On the other hand, @kaurgeous_roop is the name of her husband Gurpreet.

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