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Sehaj Arora and Kulhad Pizza Video Rumours

Sehaj Arora and Kulhad Pizza Video Rumours

Sehaj Arora has become the subject of numerous online rumours recently, particularly related to the Kulhad Pizza video that has been trending. This article aims to provide our readers with all the essential information about these rumours and shed light on the video that has captured significant online attention. Read on to learn more about the truth behind the rumours and the impact of the video on Sehaj Arora family.

Rumours of Sehaj Arora’s Suicide

Following the viral success of the Kulhad Pizza video, rumours surfaced online suggesting that Sehaj Arora committed suicide. These rumours began to circulate widely, causing concern among her followers on various social media platforms. Sehaj-Arora, who is known for her business partnership with her husband Gurpreet Kaur, became a trending topic as these unsettling rumours spread.

The Kulhad Pizza Team and Viral Video

Sehaj-Arora and her husband, known collectively as the Kulhad Pizza team, gained widespread attention due to a popular online video. The video, which allegedly featured the couple, led to a series of controversies and rumours. The situation escalated as multiple sources began spreading various claims about the couple, adding to the confusion and speculation surrounding them.

Sehaj Arora's Viral Video: Truth and Rumours

Sehaj Arora Suicide Rumours

After the viral video, there were multiple reports online claiming that Sehaj-Arora had committed suicide. These claims suggested that a private moment involving Sehaj and her husband was shared online without their consent. It was reported that a woman associated with their renowned pizzeria was responsible for leaking the video and was subsequently fired. This incident fueled further speculation and led to a significant amount of online trolling directed at Sehaj and her husband.

Real Story: Sehaj Arora and Viral Video

Lack of Credible Information

Despite the widespread rumours, reputable news sources have yet to confirm any facts or provide details regarding Sehaj Arora’s alleged suicide attempt. This lack of credible information has left many questions unanswered and has contributed to ongoing speculation and concern among the public.

Sehaj Arora’s Media Silence

Since the video went viral, Sehaj Arora has refrained from making any public statements or speaking to the media. Her husband, Gurpreet Kaur, has made a few posts on Instagram addressing the incident, expressing their frustration over the rumours and denying the authenticity of the video. Some websites even claimed that the video was created using artificial intelligence, further complicating the situation.

Sehaj Arora and Gurpreet Kaur Controversy

Amidst the ongoing controversy, Sehaj-Arora and Gurpreet Kaur recently welcomed their first child. They stated that they were preoccupied with their new parental responsibilities when the video went viral and were initially unaware of the unfolding situation. Sehaj has a significant following on Instagram, with over a million followers, while Gurpreet is also active on the platform under the handle @kaurgeous_roop.

Sehaj Arora: Viral Video and Suicide Claims


The rumours surrounding Sehaj-Arora and the Kulhad Pizza video have created a whirlwind of controversy and concern. While the truth behind these rumours remains unclear due to the lack of credible information, it is evident that the situation has had a significant impact on Sehaj-Arora and her family. As the story continues to develop, it is essential to rely on verified information and refrain from spreading unconfirmed rumours.


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