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Brazil’s First Lady’s Ingrid Andrade Ribeiro Private Video Sparks Controversy

29years, Ingrid Andrade Ribeiro Scandal: Brazil’s First Lady Faces Criticism Over Private Video Leak

This Monday, Arari’s very own social media star, Ingrid Andrade, caused a buzz when she accidentally shared a super-private video on her Instagram. The video, showing her in a bubbly bath, unveiled more than she intended and brought to light a secret fling with none other than the famous surfer, Gabriel Medina.

The Oopsie Moment:

Picture this: you hit the wrong button, and suddenly, your private video is out there for the world to see. That’s what happened to Ingrid, and the internet went into a frenzy, turning the spotlight on her and her connection with Gabriel.

Setting Things Straight:

Ingrid decided to take control of the narrative and spilled the beans herself. Yep, there was something going on with Gabriel, but according to Ingrid, it wasn’t supposed to be public knowledge. The whole thing went down during a post-birthday hotel visit. Hungry and a bit tipsy, she ended up in Gabriel’s hotel room after he offered her an apple. Next thing you know, they’re chatting, kissing, and well, you can fill in the blanks.

Ingrid’s Side of the Story:

In a post on the “blogdomaumau” page, Ingrid clarified that she didn’t plan on making her thing with Gabriel public. “I was with Gabriel Medina, but at the time, we didn’t want to spill the beans because I had just broken up with someone, and I wasn’t looking to make it public. I’m married now and have twins. When we hung out in Noronha, I didn’t even realize who he really was,” she spilled.


So, here we are – a social media storm triggered by a mistaken upload, uncovering a hidden romance with a surfing sensation. This incident highlights the challenges of keeping personal stuff under wraps, especially when you’re in the social media limelight. Life sure throws unexpected curveballs, even for local Instagram celebs like Ingrid Andrade.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – Ingrid Andrade and Gabriel Medina Controversy

Q1: What happened with Ingrid Andrade and Gabriel Medina?

A1: Ingrid Andrade, Arari’s first lady and social media influencer, accidentally posted an intimate video on her Instagram, revealing a connection with famous surfer Gabriel Medina. The incident sparked a social media storm.

Q2: Is the video still available on Ingrid’s Instagram?

A2: No, the video was deleted shortly after it was posted. However, screenshots and discussions about the incident are circulating on social media.

Q3: Did Ingrid Andrade confirm the relationship with Gabriel Medina?

A3: Yes, Ingrid confirmed the connection with Gabriel Medina in response to the viral video. She shared details about their encounter during a hotel visit, emphasizing that the revelation was unintentional.

Q4: When did Ingrid Andrade make her civil union official with Rui Filho?

A4: Ingrid Andrade officially entered into a civil union with Rui Filho in November of the previous year.

Q5: How did Ingrid explain the circumstances leading to the viral video?

A5: Ingrid explained that the accidental video posting occurred after celebrating her birthday. She arrived at a hotel, feeling a bit intoxicated and hungry, and ended up in Gabriel Medina’s hotel room after he offered her an apple.

Q6: What is Ingrid Andrade’s response to the controversy?

A6: Ingrid clarified that she didn’t plan to disclose her relationship with Gabriel Medina at that time. She emphasized that she is currently married, a mother of twins, and wasn’t aware of Gabriel’s identity during their encounter in Noronha.

Q7: How is social media reacting to this controversy?

A7: The social media reaction has been intense, with discussions, debates, and memes circulating widely. Both Ingrid Andrade and Gabriel Medina have become trending topics.

Q8: Are there any legal implications for the accidental video release?

A8: As of now, there’s no information about legal implications. However, situations like these often raise questions about privacy and the responsibilities of individuals regarding content shared on social media.

Q9: How many followers does Ingrid Andrade have on Instagram?

A9: Ingrid Andrade has over 300,000 followers on her Instagram account, where she shares personal and family moments.

Q10: How has Rui Filho, Ingrid’s husband, responded to the controversy?

A10: There’s no official statement from Rui Filho at the moment. The focus has primarily been on Ingrid Andrade’s clarification about the accidental video and her relationship with Gabriel Medina.

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