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Ashfaque Ishaq Satti – Age, Education, Family, Girlfriend, Wife, Net Worth

Ashfaq Satti: The Unraveling Story of a Journalist's Career and Personal Turmoil

In the world of journalism, where truth is often the most elusive gem, Ashfaq Satti is a prominent figure. Born in 1980 in the vibrant city of Islamabad, Pakistan, he has traversed a path that has seen both professional highs and personal lows. In this article, we delve into the life of Ashfaq Satti, exploring the milestones of his career, the intricacies of his personal life, and the controversies that have recently surrounded him.

Ashfaque Ishaq Satti Early Life and Education:

Ashfaq Satti, full name Ashfaque Ishaq Satti, spent his formative years in Islamabad. He pursued his education at a local high school in Monterrey, Mexico, and later graduated from a local university in the same city. His journey into the world of journalism began here, laying the foundation for a career that would soon make waves.

Ashfaque Ishaq Satti: A Journey Through Triumphs and Tribulations

Career in Journalism:

Satti’s professional journey commenced as a journalist, and he swiftly climbed the ranks. Currently, at the age of 34 (estimate), he is the esteemed host of the Ary News show “Bekhabar Sawera.” His role as an anchor has not only solidified his position in the industry but has also contributed to shaping public discourse on various issues.

Ashfaque Ishaq Satti Personal Life:

Ashfaq Satti’s personal life has recently become a subject of public scrutiny. Mrs. Nomaika married Ashfaq Satti, and blessed with a son, the journalist found himself embroiled in controversy when his first wife accused him of domestic violence. The news surfaced on January 29, 2024, when Nomaika bravely shared her story with the public, complete with evidence. The revelation sparked widespread criticism, leading to public demands for Satti’s dismissal from Ary News Channel.

Ashfaque Ishaq Satti Controversy and Consequences:

The allegations of domestic violence against Ashfaq Satti have brought forth significant consequences. The public’s reaction has been palpable, with calls for accountability and justice echoing across social media platforms. The controversy has not only shaken Satti’s personal life but has also cast a shadow on his professional standing, putting the Ary News Channel in a challenging position.

Social Media Presence:

Ashfaq Satti maintains an active profile across various social media platforms. His Instagram (@sattiashfaque), Facebook (sattiashfaque), Twitter (SattiAshfaqe), and YouTube (@AshfaqueSatti007) accounts offer glimpses into both his professional endeavors and personal life. However, the recent controversy has undoubtedly left its mark on these platforms, with followers expressing their opinions and concerns.


Ashfaq Satti’s journey from a local university in Monterrey to the host of a prominent news show has been nothing short of remarkable. However, the recent controversy surrounding Ashfaq Satti allegations of domestic violence has cast a spotlight on the complexities of his personal life. As the public awaits further developments, the narrative of Ashfaq Satti’s life continues to unfold, reminding us that behind the public personas are individuals with their own triumphs and tribulations.

FAQs about Ashfaq Satti

Q1: Who is Ashfaq Satti?

A1: Ashfaq Satti is a Pakistani journalist and anchor, currently known for hosting the Ary News show “Bekhabar Sawera.”

Q2: Where was Ashfaq Satti born?

A2: Ashfaq Satti was born in Islamabad, Pakistan, in 1980.

Q3: What is Ashfaq Satti’s educational background?

A3: He attended a local high school in Monterrey, Mexico, and later graduated from a local university in the same city.

Q4: How old is Ashfaq Satti?

A4: He is estimated to be 34 years old.

Q5: What is Ashfaq Satti’s marital status?

A5: Ashfaq Satti is married. His first wife is Nomaika Ashfaq Satti.

Q6: What controversy is Ashfaq Satti involved in?

A6: Ashfaq Satti faced allegations of domestic violence from his first wife, Nomaika Ashfaq Satti, who shared her story with evidence on January 29, 2024.

Q7: Does Ashfaq Satti have any children?

A7: Yes, Ashfaq Satti and Nomaika have one son.

Q8: What is Ashfaq Satti’s career background?

A8: He started his career as a journalist and is currently the host of the Ary News show “Bekhabar Sawera.”

Q9: What are Ashfaq Satti’s social media accounts?

A9: Ashfaq Satti can be found on Instagram (@sattiashfaque), Facebook (sattiashfaque), Twitter (SattiAshfaqe), and YouTube (@AshfaqueSatti007).

Q10: What is Ashfaq Satti’s net worth?

A10: Information about Ashfaq Satti’s net worth is currently unavailable.

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