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TV Personality Ashfaque Satti Charged with Assault on Wife Nomaika

ARY News Takes Action: Anchor Ashfaque Satti Suspended Amidst Domestic Violence Allegations

In a shocking turn of events, Ashfaque Ishaq Satti, a prominent TV host associated with ARY, finds himself embroiled in a legal battle as his third wife, Nomaika Ashfaque Satti, filed a complaint against him for alleged domestic violence. The incident has sparked outrage on social media, with Nomaika sharing her traumatic experience and seeking justice.

The Allegations:

The case was registered at the North Nazimabad police station in Karachi based on the complaint filed by Nomaika. In a Facebook post that garnered attention, she detailed the horrifying assault she endured at the hands of her husband. According to Nomaika, she was picked up from her mother’s house by Ashfaque Ishaq Satti, only to be subjected to a brutal attack resembling that of an animal.

TV Personality Ashfaque Satti Accused of Assaulting Nomaika

TV Personality Ashfaque Satti Accused of Assaulting Nomaika

Legal Actions Taken:

TV Personality Ashfaque Satti Accused of Assaulting Nomaika

The police have taken cognizance of the serious nature of the allegations and registered a case against the morning show host under sections 337-A, 506, and 324 of the law. These sections deal with causing harm and criminal intimidation. Despite the registration of the FIR, Nomaika claims that no concrete action has been taken against Ashfaque so far.

Social Media Outcry:

Nomaika’s plea for justice has resonated widely on social media, where she shared disturbing photos of injuries sustained during the alleged assault. The online community has rallied behind her, expressing solidarity and demanding accountability. However, Nomaika also highlighted the initial resistance faced by the police in registering the case, suggesting that Ashfaque’s influence in the media industry might have played a role.

Challenges in Seeking Justice:

The case has shed light on the challenges faced by survivors of domestic violence in seeking justice. Nomaika’s assertion that the police initially resisted registering the case underscores the need for a system that prioritizes the protection of victims over potential influences.

Call for Support:

In her social media post, Nomaika appealed to the public for support, stating that nobody deserves to endure such brutality. She urged people to reach out to her and stand by her side as she pursues justice through legal channels. The case has ignited discussions on the importance of creating a supportive environment for survivors of domestic violence to come forward and seek redress.


The legal proceedings against Ashfaque Ishaq Satti bring to the forefront the pressing issue of domestic violence within the context of high-profile individuals. As the case unfolds, it remains to be seen how the legal system will address these allegations and whether it will serve as a catalyst for broader conversations on domestic violence and the challenges faced by survivors in obtaining justice.


Q1: Why was ARY News journalist Ashfaque Satti suspended?

A1: Ashfaque Satti was suspended following serious allegations of domestic violence made by his wife, Nomaika.

Q2: What charges has Satti faced as a result of the allegations?

A2: Satti is facing charges under various sections, including torture and issuing threats, as per the FIR registered by Karachi police.

Q3: What did Nomaika allege in her complaint against Satti?

A3: Nomaika alleged that Satti physically assaulted her, attempted to kill her, and took away their 1-year-old son.

Q4: How did ARY News respond to the allegations against Satti?

A4: ARY News promptly suspended Ashfaque Satti with immediate effect, citing a zero-tolerance policy on violence or threats.

Q5: What did Nomaika reveal about the alleged assault in her account?

A5: Nomaika described a horrifying ordeal, including being dragged, having her head knocked against walls, and attempts to choke her, as well as threats on her life.

Q6: When did the alleged incident take place, according to Nomaika’s account?

A6: The alleged assault took place on January 22nd, as per Nomaika’s detailed narration.

Q7: How did Nomaika manage to escape from the situation?

A7: Nomaika claimed to have escaped after a long struggle, marking the end of her torment.

Q8: What is ARY News’ stance on the matter?

A8: ARY News emphasized its commitment to a zero-tolerance policy on violence and announced Satti’s suspension until legal proceedings determine the outcome.

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