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Young Woman Refuses to Give Up Her Seat to a Pregnant Woman

Young Woman Refuses to Give Up Her Seat to a Pregnant Woman:

Commenters have recently shown their overwhelming and swift support for an anonymous woman who posted on a popular internet forum that she would not give up her bus seat to a pregnant woman due to her personal disability. Yes, the story of an anonymous woman on the bus has gone viral on the internet and has gotten a lot of attention from the public. Many people are looking for information about what happened on the internet. People are curious about the story of this anonymous woman who went on the internet and posted about an incident.

Pregnant Woman, please take a seat.

The anonymous woman, known only as u/supportiswelcome, posted her story to Reddit’s popular r/AmlTheA**hole, where it received over 9k votes and over 1300 comments, many from people with disabilities who have faced similar situations on public transportation. The 18-year-old woman revealed in her post that she was involved in an accident a few months ago when a car struck her while speeding. She was crossing the street when it happened.

Reddit Pregnant Woman Seat

She went on to say that the accident primarily affected her leg and right knee, leaving her with a broken bone in her leg and a fractured knee cap. While she is unable to walk for an extended period of time, she claims that her leg is fine but that her knees are still hurting, forcing her to rely on a can to get around. The lady. She said she got on the bus and sat down yesterday on her way home, despite the fact that her knee had been bothering her all day.

Young Woman Refuses to Give Up Her Seat to a Pregnant Woman

A pregnant woman boarded the bus at one point and looked around for a vacant seat, but there were none. She claimed that because she was one of the bus’s younger passengers, she was the ideal candidate to give up her seat. “So she walked over and basically told me that I needed to get up so she could sit down,” she continued.

She didn’t ask, she just said.” She went on to say that she tried to explain politely that she has a knee problem that makes it difficult for her to maintain balance while standing on the bus. The pregnant woman then began yelling at her, claiming that she didn’t believe any of her excuses.

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