Yeri Mua Borracha Drunk Fighting Video With Paponas Viral on Twitter, Reddit

Yeri Mua, one of the most well-known users on Instagram with more than 3 million followers, was the subject of some controve*rsy. She and her boyfriend can be seen fighting in a bar in the most recent video that is going viral online. She was acting very inappro*priately while fighting in the street while intoxicated. When they first saw this video, which was shot on a Saturday morning at a restaurant, everyone was utterly shocked.

Her female companion, Brian Villegas, was also present at the time and was not only taking part in the controve*rsy but also not attempting to put a stop to it. The argument’s origin is still a mystery. People were quite at ease with the chaos and screams that were going on all around them. She started a fight with the opposing party because she had no shame. She also appeared on the internet and claimed that she had given a public performance despite knowing that it was inappro*priate.

Who is the boyfriend of Yeri Mua?

Brian Villegas, aka “El Paponas,” is the boyfriend of Yeri MUA. He was also named King of Joy for the 2022 Veracruz Carnival.


One of Yeri MUA’s controve*rsy-causing moments occurred when viewers claimed to see a louse walking on her head during a live broadcast. The influencer later clarified that the small animal was in the fruit she had just eaten.

viral video of Yeri Mua Boraccha drunken combat featuring papanas

She was intoxicated and out of control. She could not control herself because she does have an alco*hol problem. The video is incredibly scan*dalous and serves as a catalyst for the couple’s downfall. Both their supporters and online users harshly criticized them. Additionally, he has about a million Instagram followers. She is an aspiring model who enjoys posting amusing videos on social networking sites. Most recently, she took part in a parade. She appeared to be a queen in those pictures.

Full Analysis of the Yeri Mua Boraccha Controve*rsy

No statements have been made by the police, and no action has been taken to stop the offenders. The police were informed much later, and they have now launched an investigation into this matter, and offenders will soon face punishment. She was extremely content with her boyfriend, who is a fashion model and has collaborated with renowned designers.

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