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Why was YouTuber TTF Vasan arrested? Charges Investigated

TTF Vasan, a name that made headlines after her arrest, went viral on the Internet, causing netizens to wonder why he was detained. TTF Vasan, on the other hand, is a well-known public figure. Because he doesn’t have a huge following, we’d like to let everyone know that TTF Vasan is a YouTuber and a social media influencer. Vasan, a native of Coimbatore, India, made headlines recently when he was arrested after being charged with Defendants’ Charges. Learn more about TTF Vasan and the circumstances surrounding her arrest.

If we talk about Vasan further, he is a YouTuber who is also a motorbike enthusiast who enjoys riding various motorcycles. Most of his videos are about motorcycles, and his YouTube channel has over 2 million followers on social media platforms. His YouTube channel, Twin Throttlers, is well-known for narrating his bike adventures in videos. As we’ve previously stated, the social media user was apprehended by Chennai Police, as reported by viral news.

He’s a popular YouTuber who posts bike-riding, bike-related, and travel videos, as we mentioned earlier. In one of his videos, he mentions that he and his friends have planned a trip to Nepal for April. As a result, he travelled to Chennai, where he was greeted by throngs of his fans and followers eager to meet him. When the subscriber parked his bike at the sports store, he witnessed a traffic jam. He was travelling from Coimbatore to Nepal, so he stopped by a well-known sports store to pick up some essentials for his journey.

The YouTuber shared a number of selfies and videos on social media that depicted a variety of adventurous activities. When some of his followers found out about his videos and selfies, they went to the scene. However, he attempted to resolve the situation, but the cops refused to listen and instead loaded them into a police jeep and drove them to a location where they were supposed to be safe. Following this, a sizable portion of his fan base is concerned for his safety and eager to learn more about his current location.

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