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Why is Lawrence Bishnoi trying to as*sassinate Salman Khan? Details are clarified

Why is Lawrence Bishnoi attempting to as**sassinate Salman Khan?

In the shooting of Punjabi singer and Congress leader Sidhu Musewala, the name of gangster Lawrence Bishnoi has surfaced. During a press conference, Punjab Police Director General VK Bhavra named Lawrence Bishnoi as a suspect in the murder of Congress leader Sidhu Musewala. The Lawrence Bishnoi gang is responsible for the murder, and Lucky aka Goldie Brar, a Canadian gangster close to Lawrence Bishnoi, has claimed responsibility.

Why is Lawrence Bishnoi attempting to as**sassinate Salman Khan?

According to reports, this is the result of a feud between two gangs. Let us remind you that while in prison in 2018, Lawrence Bishnoi threatened to kill Bollywood actor Salman Khan. Let us inform you that Lawrence Bishnoi is currently imprisoned in the Ajmer jail in Rajasthan, where he runs the gang. It has also come to light that Lawrence Bishnoi had communicated with his fellow gangster Lucky alias Goldie Brar, who was in jail in Canada, via virtual phone, after which a complete plan to as**sassinate Congress leader Sidhu Musewala was devised.

Explanation of Lawrence Bishnoi’s desire to as**sassinate Salman Khan

Lawrence Bishnoi, a gangster, planned to as**sassinate Bollywood actor Salman Khan. Salman Khan was accused of hunting blackbuck, which is the real reason for this. After that, Lawrence planned a complete attack on Salman Khan through his henchmen during the filming of the Salman Khan and Asin starrer ‘Ready.’ This plan would be a failure if Lawrence Bishnoi did not receive the preferred weapon.

The gangster is said to be from the Bishnoi community. In such a situation, he was enraged by the black deer hunting, in which Salman had also been implicated.

Lawrence Bishvoi rose to prominence in student politics while at Panjab University in Chandigarh, but he lost the student union election. Lawrence went from being a popular student leader to a well-known scoundrel after that. The gang war between the Davinder Bambiha Group and the Lawrence Bishnoi Group is well-known in Punjab, according to the information received. Despite the fact that Davinder Bambiha was killed in the 2016 encounter, his organisation is still active.

Goldie Brar, a well-known gangster, is currently in Canada, while Lawrence Bishnoi, a close associate and gang leader, is imprisoned in Rajasthan’s Ajmer jail. The fact that Lawrence Bishnoi runs the gang even while incarcerated speaks volumes about his network. He gives orders to his henchmen, who then carry out the orders.

Even after serving time in prison, one of the country’s most notorious gangsters commits heinous crimes such as murder by obtaining a betel nut via WhatsApp. This is something he also admits on his Facebook page. It is estimated that the gang has around 600 infamous sharpshooters. This gang’s network stretches across the country.

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