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Why did her friend’s father kidnap Khadija, and who is she?

A girl named Khadija was tortured by a Rawalpindi industrialist for refusing to get married to her.

This female Not just any girl, Khadija was also this man’s daughter’s school friend. Why did he kidnap her and torture her, then?

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The father of Khadija’s friend Ana Ali kidnapped her, tortured her, and se*xually as*saulted her as retaliation for her rejection of his marriage proposal.

Danish Sheikh accused

Danish Ali, a businessman and proprietor of Rawalpindi’s Best Export, resides in Paradise Valley in Rawalpindi. Ana Ali is the name of his daughter.


Khadija, a BDS student in her final year, filed a complaint. Sheikh Danish Ali, his daughter, Faizan, Shoaib, and Khan Muhammad are all accused of torturing Khadija and her brother while holding them at gunpoint, according to her complaint.

The accused then abducted her and her brother and brought them to their house. Khadija was forced to lick their shoes. Later, Sheikh Ana Ali recorded herself using scissors to trim my hair at the direction of the alleged Sheikh Danish, and the video went viral on social media.

Khadija claims that Sheikh Danish Ali repeatedly se*xually as*saulted her. He shaved her head and eyebrows and as*saulted her physically, mentally, and se*xually.

The vicious video, which has been going viral on social media, shows the accused beating the victim and cutting her hair.

Position of Danish

Accused Sheikh Danish claimed to not know Khadija and that he and his family were the targets of blackmail.

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