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Who was the winner of Lock Upp Season 1? Confirmed

Lock Upp Season 1 Winner: Who won Lock Upp Season 1? Confirmed:

As the popularity of watching OTT platforms has grown, many manufacturers have emerged with amazing shows, internet series, and movies. Some designers did not limit themselves to the everyday style, but instead came up with a variety of good ideas such as reality shows. Reality shows are now being streamed not only on television but also on various online platforms. Winner of the Lock Upp

Identify the Lock Upp Winner

Lock Upp, the most popular controversial and fearless reality show, has reached the end of its run and is about to close its doors. According to the most recent update, the star-studded grand finale is scheduled for May 7-8. The remaining seven contestants in the race are gaining enormous popularity, and the show’s viewers are eager to find out who will win.

Winner and Runner-Up of the Lock Upp

Sr No.
Contestant Identify
Prize Cash
Shivam Sharma
Munawar Faruqui
Winner ??
Prince Narula
Payal Rohatgi
Azma Fallah
Anjali Arora
Saisha Shinde

Lock Upp’s Winner and Runner-Up

“Both Munawar Faruqui and Payal Rohatgi will carry the cherished trophy of Lock Upp Season 1,” an inside source informed the media outlet. This implies that the claimed high two will be Payal and Munawar. One of these two will win the competition, while the other will finish as the runner-up.


According to the excitement on social media, the comic has the best chance of winning the trophy. If he wins, he will receive Rs25L and a swanky car as a prize. At the time of writing, the runner-prize up’s money had not been determined.

Tejasswi Prakash is appointed Warden.

Tejasswi Prakash, a small display diva and Bigg Boss 15 winner, is set to take the entry in Lock Upp in tonight’s episode. Tejasswi will most likely be watched as a Queen’s Warden with the energy “Queen Card.” She will most likely be watching alongside her real-life boyfriend Karan Kundrra, who is portraying the jailor of the captive reality show.

The Present Concept

Lock Upp is the first season of the Indian reality competition show “Lock Upp: Badass Jail, Atyaachari Khel!” Kangana Ranaut, the Bollywood Queen, is hosting the show. In the show, 20 contestants known as inmates who had been accused in the outside world fought it out in jail to earn every primary necessity and win the host and viewers’ hearts by performing duties and displaying their personalities.

Updates on the Lock Upp Grand Finala

Kangna Ranaut’s first-ever television reality show Lock Upp is nearing the end of its run. Sure, you realise that the present is quickly coming to an end. MX Participant, a popular streaming platform, has been entertaining viewers since February. Since the show’s inception, it has consistently made headlines for a variety of controversies. As contestants, the show featured a number of distinguished and well-known personalities. Only seven contestants remain on the show out of a total of twenty. In this article, we’ll go over some important details about Lock Upp’s grand finale, such as the grand finale date, finalists, prize money, and so on.


Lock Upp Prize Money

Lock Upp has grown into one of the most well-known and entertaining reality shows. The present is drawing to a close. Since its inception, the show and its contestants have entertained its viewers. The show debuted on MX Participant and ALT Balaji on February 27, 2022. There were 20 contestants in the show. Previously, it began with 13 contestants, and by the middle of the show, 6 contestants had entered as wildcard entries, while one contestant, Prince Narula, had entered as a challenger.


The Name of the Lock Upp Winner Has Been Revealed

In terms of the Grand Finale, Lock Upp’s Grand Finale is set to take place on 07 May 2022 on its common platforms- ALT Balaji and MX Participant. The finale will be available to viewers on all platforms. And if you want to watch the finale on time, you must switch to the platforms at precisely 10:30 p.m. The audience is eager to find out who will receive the present. Kangna Ranaut, the host of Lock Upp, will most likely announce the winner’s name. Aside from that, previous contestants will appear on the Grand Finale alongside the finalists.

There are a total of seven contestants remaining in the show who will compete against one another. The contestants have consistently impressed the viewers throughout the show. Nonetheless, no official announcement has been made except for the cash prize for the winner. According to some sources, the winner of the first season of Lock Upp will receive Rs 25 lakh in cash as well as a flashy car. Stay tuned for more information.

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