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Who Was Naira Ashraf Abdel Qader?

Naira Ashraf reportedly suffered multiple stab wounds to her neck and torso outside the Mansoura University entrance. Her body has been the subject of numerous social media posts and videos, drawing the attention of internet users. According to reports, the young woman was killed in front of horrified witnesses and in front of security cameras. A suspect who claimed that he killed her with a knife because she rejected his marriage proposal has been detained by police.

Naira Ashraf Abdel Qader: Who Was She?

Only the suspect, Mohammed Adel, who has been identified, was detained on the spot. The offender continued by saying that Naira Ashraf had blocked him on social media and that despite his repeated attempts to get in touch with her over the course of a year, she paid him little attention. Naira gained fame and a following on social media that year, according to Mohammed. The young girl was brutally murdered in broad daylight by the suspect, who is currently imprisoned.

The entire incident was caught on CCTV, and social media has been flooded with pictures and videos of the girl being stabbed. At the Mansoura University entrance, she suffered stab wounds to the neck and torso. According to reports, the young man who carried out this heinous crime is a third-year arts student. Naira Ashraf was killed by him as she was making her way to the bus stop to ride home to al-Mahalla in the Gharbiya governorate.

When witnesses tried to catch him, the man slit the woman’s throat. Later, the security and those watching him caught him. Naira Ashraf was reportedly murdered by Mohamed Adel on Monday morning at the university gates. Without a doubt, the incident has shocked the entire nation of Egypt, as everyone is speaking out and expressing their rage. Visit our website frequently for more of these updates and the most recent breaking news.

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