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Who Was Mieke Oort? Dutch Tinder Stalker Accused of Killing

Who Was Mieke Oort?

She is a student at NHL Student University of Applied Sciences, and she is 21 years old.

A Dutch Tinder stalker is accused of killing a student from the United States.

A woman from Massachusetts has been stabbed to death by his stalker, according to recent news. Mieke Oort has been identified as the woman. Her family claims that she was stabbed to death by a jealous stalker she met on Tinder. The news was reportedly delivered to her at her home in Leeuwarden, about 90 minutes outside of Amsterdam, over the weekend. The shocking news has been gaining a lot of attention from netizens since it first appeared on social media.

Mieke Oort was Danique Oort’s baby sister, according to Danique. She stated that the family is at a loss for words as to how to deal with the loss. Danique went on to say that she still had a lot more to give and that she loved everyone. The suspect, on the other hand, has been identified as a 27-year-old Dutchman. Thomas R. has been identified by Dutch authorities.

According to reports, the man was apprehended by cops after fleeing to Germany. According to reports, the man and the deceased student had a brief relationship and that the former had been stalking her for some time. Michael Van Der Waal, Mieke’s former boyfriend, told the media that the suspect had been following her for a long time and that they had dated briefly in the past. Michael went on to say that he and Mieke were considering rekindling their romance.

It’s possible that the suspect became enraged after learning about it, which led to him stabbing the young girl to death. Thomas R. allegedly began following her shortly after and harassed her via WhatsApp, as well as driving up and down her street. Oort’s sister stated that they are devastated by the news and are still trying to process it all. Mieke, for example, moved to the Netherlands to study in 2020 from Winchester, Massachusetts, a town about eight miles north of Boston.

On Sunday around 3:30 a.m., police were dispatched to the young girl’s apartment after a fire was reported at the address. Mieke’s sister, Celine, and her parents, Micheal, were undoubtedly unprepared for her untimely death. The student’s family is currently grieving. Thomas R, according to reports, threw an incendiary device into the building, forcing residents to flee. During this time, he fatally stabbed Mieke Oort with a sharp object.

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