Who was Impressi and What caused her death?

Social media trends

People nowadays are vocal about justice and a variety of other social issues via social media. Similarly, a new hashtag was created recently to highlight the young girl who died. #JusticeForImpressi was the hashtag.

At first, everyone must be wondering what this hashtag is about and what happened to her. However, the word Justice implies that something tragic must have happened to her.

So, what exactly happened to Impressi?

In the Surajjpur district of Chhattisgarh, a woman was murdered after being raped. The suspect has been apprehended by the authorities. The crime occurred on March 24, Thursday, but officials arrived after conducting an investigation. Sabeer Ali, aka Baba Khaan, was apprehended and identified as the person who asphyxiated the complainant. She was eventually hanged from a lamp bulb at the Bhatgaon police headquarters near her home.

Impressi’s sibling called her name in the house, but Impressi did not respond, according to Addl Superintendent Harish Rathore of Surajjpur. When the neighbours arrived, they discovered the gate was locked. They rushed to unlock the gate, but there was no odour coming from inside, so they were sceptical. The victim’s precise age was unknown.

Impressi: Who Was He?

According to Addl Superintendent Harish Ratthore of Surajjpur. His younger sibling had gone outside to investigate around this time. His sister chose not to answer when he returned to his house and banged on the window. He informed his neighbours as a result. Several people from the neighbourhood then arrived and attempted to open the gate, but the neighbours were suspicious because there was no smell coming from inside. “It was impossible to determine the recipient’s exact age.”

Details of the Rape and Murder Case of Impressi:

Suffering in the family

Everyone was found marching to bring justice to the young girl. Women’s safety should be the first and foremost priority for any government, regardless of caste, age, or religion.

She was not only raped, but also strangled to death with her scarf by the suspect. Later, the suspect hung Impressi’s body from an exhaust fan and wrote a suicide note on his finger with a pencil. Her family members, on the other hand, questioned her ability to commit suicide. The parents were devastated to witness their own child’s death. When they first saw Impressi, they were completely taken aback.

People from various localities and areas gathered in Surajjpur’s Jahri neighbourhood on March 27, 2022, Sunday. They came to pay her respects and to bid her farewell. The family and the victim received condolences from all over the world via social media and other platforms. Everyone was devastated by the news, and the hashtag is now trending on social media.

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