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Who Shot Punjabi Singer SIDHU MOOSE WALA?

Sidhu Moosewala, a singer, was shot and pronounced dead, according to news reports. According to sources, the singer was shot in Mansa by an unknown gunman who fired several shots at him before fleeing. Sidhu was a well-known Punjabi singer who was on his way to Mansa, his hometown. Other people were injured in the incident, in addition to the singer. And the incident occurred when the state government revoked the security cover that had been provided to him.

Sidhu Moosewala’s Cause of Death

Two other people who were with him were also injured during the incident, according to sources, and 30 shots were fired during the killing. The singer was then rushed to a nearby civilian hospital in Mansa, but unfortunately, he was in critical condition at the time and did not survive the attack. The singer was declared dead at the hospital. The singer’s security was withdrawn one day before he was shot.

There were more than 420 people assigned to security, including former MLAs, in addition to Sidhu. Security was assigned to two takes’ Jathedars, heads of Deras, and police officers, but it was lifted a day before the incident. Sidhu was a politician who joined the Congress party in December of last year, in addition to being a singer. In the elections held in 2022, he was unsuccessful in his attempt. He was voting in the Mansa district elections on behalf of Congress.

Latest News from Sidhu Moosewala

Sidhu was already dead when he was brought to the hospital, according to the surgeon at the hospital where he was taken. After receiving primary treatment from this hospital, the people who were brought along with him were transported to nearby hospitals for further treatment. Sadly, the singer was not able to make it to the hospital. According to Dr. Ranjeet Rai, who was interviewed by ANI news, three people were taken to the hospital, one of whom was Sidhu Moosewala.

Video of Sidhu Moosewala’s Death

The performer. Sidhu, on the other hand, was already dead when he arrived at the hospital. According to the doctor, after providing primary treatment, the other two who were with Sidhu were sifted for further treatment at a nearby hospital. The incident occurred a day after the security was lifted, implying that the killers were planning to murder the singer. Perhaps this is the first time we’ve heard of this situation. Until now, only this information has been made public. Until now, his family and friends have remained silent.

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