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Who killed Producer Athar Mateen – Tariq Mateen shares complete story

Tariq Mateen, journalist Athar Mateen’s brother, revealed on Sunday that his brother was robbed approximately nine times before being slain in Karachi while attempting to prevent a mugging attempt.

He added that not just Athar, but all five brothers had been robbed several times on Karachi streets during a special presentation of ARY NEWS about escalating street crime incidences in Karachi.

“Robbers wander freely, and Karachiites must conceal their mobile phones and cash when they go out for fear of being robbed,” he claimed, adding, “Our police and administration have failed to deal with the problem.”

He questioned why they were forced to bear the brunt of the government’s failure.

“After every such instance, government officials merely had to express a denunciation without taking meaningful efforts to address it,” he claimed.

He bemoaned the fact that Athar Mateen’s body was found less than a kilometre from a police station.

“However, no one arrived from the station even after the robbers took their time fleeing while firing continually,” Tariq Mateen added, blaming those who had to act against these guys on their suspected backers.

It’s worth noting that unidentified armed individuals opened fire on a car in Karachi’s Nazimabad neighbourhood, killing a local journalist named Athar Mateen who was attempting to stop a mugging attempt.

When the incident happened, authorities reported that journalist Athar Mateen was attempting to stop a mugging attempt.

“Muggers were looting a civilian when Mateen struck them with his car,” they stated, adding that after being injured, the suspects opened fire on him, killing him instantly.

“Athar Mateen was shot three times, and we found two empty 30-bore gun shells,” SSP Central Maroof Usman said, adding that a crime scene unit team had been summoned to the location.

Tariq Mateen reveals the entire tale of his brother Athar Mateen’s assassination.

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