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Who is Yung Gravy Viral Video on Twitter, Reddit & Youtube

Yung Gravy – Height, Age, Bio, Real Name, Net Worth & Career

Yung Gravy was born in Rochester, Minnesota, on March 19, 1996. His late father, Dr. Peter Hauri, was a well-known psychologist and sleep expert who worked to treat insomniacs. He was only 16 when his father passed away. Cindy Hauri, his mother, is a licenced psychiatrist.

Both Yung’s older half-brother and half-sister are adults. He is dating Orio Santos, with whom he has been dating for a while, but they are not yet married.

He attended the University of Wisconsin to study marketing. While still in college, Gravy and a friend started rapping for the college’s various events. Yung holds Steve Wonder and Marvin Gaye in high regard as two individuals who have had a significant impact on his life and career.

Body Measurements

Gravy has a physically fit physique. He is a towering 198 cm (6 feet 6 inches) tall man who weighs about 85 kg (187 pounds). His waist is 38 inches, his arms are 13.5 inches, and his chest is 40 inches. His dark brown eyes and light brown hair are both current features.

Net worth of Yung Gravy

By April 2020, Yung Gravy’s estimated net worth will be $2 million. His career as a musician provides the majority of his income. Additionally, he earns money from notable endorsements and noteworthy performances.

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