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Who is Tokischa? While celebrating NYC Pride Week, Singer Madonna kisses a rapper.

Rapper Tokischa: Who is?

In Los Frailes, Dominican Republic, Tokischa Altagracia Peralta was born in 1996. When she was 16 years old, she began her modelling career after studying fine and dramatic arts.

Before her music career took off, she even spent a year working in a call centre. She was also a photographer. Following the success of her singles Perras Como T, Varón, Empatillada, and Twerk in 2020, she rose to prominence.

At the age of twenty, Tokischa met producer and designer Raymi Paulus while working on a photo shoot for a magazine in her hometown. Paulus invited Tokischa to record some songs in her studio. Her debut single, “Pcala,” was released after she inked a record deal with her label, Paulus Music.

At the NYC Pride concert, Madonna makes out with the rapper Tokischa.

Madonna, a well-known American singer, songwriter, actress, and longtime ally of the LGBTQ community, celebrated Pride Month on Thursday evening with a magnificent concert in New York.

The stage was set ablaze by a kiss shared by Madonna and Dominican rapper Tokischa during the show, which also featured a number of drag queens.

The 26-year-old rapper Tokischa joined the 63-year-old Madonna for an outstanding performance of her hit song “Hung Up” while she was dressed in a lace basque and hotpants. Before she gave Tokischa a light rap on the bum as she walked off the stage, the pair shared an intensely passionate kiss near the end of the performance.

Rapper Tokischa and Madonna have a passionate on-stage kiss during a live performance Full HD Viral Video

When the pop star and rapper kissed on stage, the audience erupted in joy. The scene brought back memories for music fans of her infamous 2003 MTV Video Music Awards kiss with Britney Spears, which occurred around 20 years ago.

While performing at NYC Pride, Madonna makes out with Tokischa.

Since her success with single releases, Tokischa has been seizing the spotlight.

The Upcoming Tour of Tokischa

To promote her music, Tokischa is prepared to take the stage at upcoming concerts.

She just finished this week’s Pride Month performance in New York City with Madonna.

With Anuel AA, she will perform in Breda, the Netherlands, on July 8th. On September 4th, she will perform live in Mountain View, California.

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