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Who is Tabish Ahmed Hashmi

Tabish Ahmed Hashmi is a well-known Canadian Pakistani stand-up comedian, digital media influencer, and host who was born in Karachi, Pakistan on N/A. Find more about Tabish Ahmed Hashmi’s job, age, family, pictures, biography, and more. Learn about Tabish Ahmed Hashmi’s major achievements and accomplishments.

Date of Birth N/A
Birth Place Karachi, Pakistan
Residence Canada
Profession Standup Comedian, Digital Media Influencer, Host

Biography of Tabish Ahmed Hashmi

Tabish Hashmi is a Canadian stand-up comedian, host, and Pakistani celebrity who lives in Milton, Ontario. His wit and humour were highlighted on the YouTube Channel Nashpati Prime’s discussion programme TBH, which helped him gain popularity in Pakistan (To be honest). Tabish was born and raised in Karachi, and he has held positions of responsibility in global organisations like as 3M and TCS. He is presently working in Canada, where he does stand-up comedy and presents shows on the side.

Tabish Hashmi Age

Tabish Hashmi’s age and Date of Birth are not confirmed.

Tabish Hashmi Wife

Tabish Hashmi is married to a beautiful wife, her name is Hira and they live with their kids in Canada.

Tabish Hashmi Family

Tabish Hashmi belongs to a middle-class family residing in Malir Cantt, Karachi. He has three sisters, out of whom the elder one residing in UAE and the other is in the USA.

Tabish Hashmi Sister

Tabish Hashmi’s sister Farheen resides in Dubai, UAE.

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