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Who Is SERENA MCKAY Video Went Viral On Twitter, Reddit

People become famous on social media platforms, and their videos go viral all over the internet, making them internet sensations. In this article, we’ll tell you about another girl named Serena McKay who has received a lot of attention recently and whose videos have gone viral across social media platforms. These days, she is trending videos, and everyone is scrolling and searching for her name on social media platforms, eager to watch her videos, which have been shared numerous times.

Serena Mckay’s Video Has Been Viral

In just a few days, she has become a web sensation, and now that people want to know more about her and her life, she has become the most searched topic on social media. You’ll be surprised to learn that she’s only 17 years old, and this particular video will astound you because it contains particularly terrif*ying footage of Serena McKay’s murder. She was already a well-known figure on the internet.

Serena Mckay: Who Is She?

Recently, shocking news about her surfaced, stating that she has been missing for several days, with her parents filing a missing report and the entire police team investigating where she has gone. Then, this Twitter video of her being ki**lled surfaced, and the investigators who were investigating this incident also saw this video of her being ki*lled. The police are doing everything they can to investigate this video.

That whether it is a real or fake video, the video is so shocking and terrif*ying that most users were unable to see it clearly. However, this video is now going viral on social media platforms, and this particular video was uploaded on Wednesday. No one knows who is behind all of this. If we talk about the video, there were two girls in it who were standing away from Serena and brut*ally beating her. Both of the girls in the video were severely as**saulting Serena.

Serena is blee*ding, and two girls are present in the video, and they are kicking Serena very hard, and she is screa*ming and crying, and her face is already covered in boot marks, and they are saying, “I’m going to ki*ll you.” Now it is clear that the person who posted and created the video is the real criminal, but we don’t have any proof or evidence, and the police are doing everything they can to investigate the case.

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