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Who is Sarah Inam, and why was she killed by Shah Nawaz Amir detail?

Sarah Inam’s age, relationship, family, boyfriend, and professional profile

The 39 years old woman Sarah Inam was born on 2 July 1979. Sarah Inam belonged to a well-rounded background. She got her early education from Beaconhouse School System Margalla Campus Islamabad. She graduated in behavioral psychology from London university.

Sarah inam worked in Pakistan and the middle east united nation world food organization and she earned a 35 lac per month salary from her job. She got married to shah Nawaz ameer on 2 July 2022. Sarah Inam, wife of Shah Nawaz Ameer and daughter-in-law of Veteran Journalist Ayaz Amir.

After getting engaged, Sarah Inam and Ali Afandi ended their relationship. Only one marriage between Shah Nawaz Ameer and Sarah Inam has occurred.

Sarah Inuam’s Family Background:

Her sibling’s number four. One sister formerly resided in London, while two brothers now reside in Canada. Her ancestry was Pakistani, and she was a Canadian citizen. Of all of her siblings, she is the youngest. She grew up without her parents.

Shahnawaz Amir’s age, relation, family, Girlfriend, and profession

39 years old The son of senior journalist Ayaz Amir, Shahnawaz Amir, who was detained by Islamabad police earlier in the day as a suspect in his wife’s murder, has claimed that he “thought” his wife was having an extramarital affair. He was approximate 39 years old. he lived with his mother in Chak Shehzad farmhouse, Islamabad . he was jobless and allegedly a drug addict.

Where Sara bibi and Shahnawaz met for the first time

“Shahnawaz met Sara bibi through social media. she traveled back to Islamabad from Dubai. Shahnawaz told the police, according to sources, “I thought she had an affair with someone else, but she’s assured me that she wasn’t seeing anyone.”

Sources claim that he also informed police that he believed the deceased was “some other country’s agent” and that he “felt that she was plotting to kill him.”

Why and where Shahnawaz killed his wife Sara bibi?

Sarah Bibi lost her life due to her husband’s doubting nature. Ayaz Amir’s son Shah Nawaz. Senior journalist Shah Nawaz brutally killed his wife on Friday in Islamabad’s Chak Shehzad district.

Shahnawaz Amir has a case open against him for killing his wife.

Shahnawaz, the journalist Ayaz Amir’s son, has a case filed against him for killing his wife.

The FIR states that when the accused saw the police in the house, he locked himself in the room. The accused’s hands and shirt had blood stains on them at the time of his arrest.

According to the FIR, the accused killed his wife during the argument by stabbing her with a dumbbell, a crime to which the accused has also admitted to the police.

The FIR states that after identifying the suspect, the police removed the victim’s body from her home’s bathtub. The victim allegedly had injury marks on her head, according to the police’s FIR.

Shahnawaz Amir had earlier claimed that he “thought” his wife was having an affair.

According to sources, the suspect told the police that the deceased was his third wife and that they had married three months prior during the preliminary investigation of the case.

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