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Who is Rasim Kaan Aytogu Viral Video on Twitter & Reddit

Who is Rasim Kaan Aytogu Age, Net Worth

He was born in 1961 in Izmir Kar?yaka. After graduating from Izmir Atatürk High School in 1982, he accepted his certificate in modern science from the University of Illinois in the United States. He graduated with honours in modern designing in that exact year.

Rasim Kaan Aytou is the Kiler Holding Group of Companies’ Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and a member of the executive committee for the Kiler Real Estate Investment Trust.

In 1988, he enrolled in Harvard University’s US Business Administration Program after receiving a recommendation from the Prime Minister’s Office.

In 1989, he travelled to the UK Public Administration Institute thanks to funding provided by the Undersecretariat of State Planning, where he completed the Public Administration International Financing Program. He earned a Ph.D. in finance from Pacific Western University in 1994.

He served as the Southeastern Anatolia Project’s (GAP) Director, a member of the faculty at the Institute of Science and Technology at Gazi University, and the Undersecretariat of the Turkish Republic Prime Ministry’s State Planning Organization as an expert in planning.

He serves as Tanmiyat Investment Holding Group’s interim CEO and chairman of the board in Dubai. Viral Rasim Kaan Aytou Video From Sedat Peker On his Twitter account, Sedat Peker allegedly posted gay images featuring Rasim Kaan Aytou, the CEO of hlas Holding. By posting the video, Peker is acknowledged to have responded to TGRT genius Cem Küçük.

Rasim Kaan Ayto?u Video Tape Goes Viral On Twitter And Instagram

On social media, a video of Rasim Kaan Aytou recently went viral. And it is unnecessary to mention who released it because everyone is aware that Sedat Peker, who is wanted in Turkey for organising or forming groups for illegal or criminal activity, released the priva*te video of Rasim Kaan Aytou. Sedat Peker, who is presently living in the United States of Emirates, is well-known for being a criminal in Turkey.

Rasim Kaan Ayto?u Video full HD

In order to expose the dishonest behaviour of the government or ministers, Sedat Peker posts contentious videos on social media. Rasim Kaan Aytou is the subject of Sedat Peker’s most recent video. Rasim Kaan Aytou is currently the talk of the town, and everyone is mentioning him. See why his video is becoming increasingly popular online by reading the information below. Please look below to find out more about him.


According to rumours, Sedat Peker today shared the stolen video of Rasim Kaan Ayto. Sedat Peker also Viral the Mehmet Aar clip, but this time he also shared the Rasim Kaan Aytou video. Sedat Peker asserted that Dr. Rasim Kaan Aytou, owner of TGRT, is the man featured in the recently released video. Many people began to speculate that Sedat Peker’s recently released video is an answer to Cem Kucuk after the Viral of Rasim Kaan Aytou’s video. Cem Kucuk: who is he? What made Sedat Peker reply to him, too?

According to the source, Sedat Peker is just bluffing and has nothing to say, according to Cem Kucuk, a journalist or TGRT television presenter. Cem Kucuk shared the priva*te clip of Dr. Rasim Kaan Aytou responding to the TGRT commentator as he challenged the wanted individual Sedat Peker. The owner of TGRT’s priva*te video is currently trending online.

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