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Who Is PERSIA PIROTTA Photo & Video Went Viral On Twitter, Reddit

Stephanie De Landra, also known as Persia Pirtta in her ring, is now posting only F things on social media. Yes, the woman who was famous for her WWE appearance is now on social media, and as soon as she posted only F, people were curious as to what was going on with her. Let’s delve deeper into this situation. Following her elimination, she posted on social media saying, “Let’s do hot girls shi*t,” to which fans flocked to her page and the caption was shared beneath a photo of her wearing a biki**ni. She is originally from Melbourne, and her WWE ring name was Facebook.

Persia Pirotta Photos and Video

The wrestler has competed in several matches, including Melbourne City Wrestling and Newcastle City Wrestling. She used to wrestle for NXT2.0, but it was recently revealed that she is no longer with the company. She is asking her fans to join the only F accounts on her social media accounts. Aside from her, two other professional wrestlers, Stephen and Dexter, were also released from the WWE’s NXT 2.0 brand. Many wrestlers are being released, according to sources, and the majority of them are joining the onlyF groups.

Persia Pirotta: Who Is She?

Following their release. Many people are making large sums of money using only F accounts. Toni Stormi is one of these girls, having developed her page and is now well established in her career in the only F pages following her release last month. It’s been reported that she’s raised over 30,000 dollars just by having an only F page. People are rushing over to take such content because it is becoming a huge career for the wrestling girls. Chelsea Green, a former wrestler, only started her account last October after being knocked out in a championship match.

Wikipedia, Biography, and Age of Persia Pirotta

Along with her, Scarlett Bordeaux, another star, has joined the platform and achieved great success. Many former or ex-wrestlers are turning to platforms like these for work. These young ladies have a good physique and are attractive, attracting a lot of attention. Persia, a 25-year-old former wrestler, announced on Twitter that “we do hot girl stuff now, Only F is live.” The Tweet quickly received about 5 likes. Some mocked her for launching the onlyF page, but others respected her decision because it is her life and she can have whatever she wants.

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