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Who is Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe, Why she Arrested? Charges Explained

Nazanin Arrested: What Happened to Nazanin? The Charges Have Been Explained:

Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe, an Iranian-British dual citizen, has recently made headlines after being released from prison after serving five years in prison. Yes, you read that correctly: she was released from detention and flew to the United Kingdom from Iran. The news of her release after five years has been making the rounds on the internet right now. Several people have expressed their reactions to the news. On the other hand, some people are looking for Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe and the circumstances surrounding her detention. You can learn everything there is to know about Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe right here.

Nazanin has been arrested.

Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe was released on March 16, 2022, according to sources. She has been released and is believed to have left Iran for the United Kingdom. She is a British-Iranian aid worker who was detained in Iran for nearly six years after being apprehended at an airport in 2016. Her British passport was returned to her this week, and she flew out of Tehran airport on Wednesday, according to her family. She is a project manager for the Thomas Reuters Foundation who was found guilty by an Iranian court of plotting to overthrow the Iranian government.


Why was Nazanin arrested?

She, on the other hand, has consistently denied all allegations. Richard Ratcliffe, her husband, has been campaigning for her release for years and went on a hunger strike in October of last year to draw attention to his wife’s plight. Gabriella, Nazanin-6-year-old Richard’s daughter, lives with her father in Hampstead, London. The detention of Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe was linked to the UK’s failure to pay a £400 million debt to Iran, but the government insists that the two are unrelated.


Despite accepting responsibility for the debt, Foreign Office Minister James Cleverly stated, “we have a duty to legally repay this debt and we continue to explore all legal options to resolve this 40-year-old case.” In addition, Anoosheh Ashoori, a British national, has been released from detention in Iran. He was sentenced to ten years in an Iranian prison and has maintained his innocence throughout. Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe was born in Tehran, Iran, on December 26, 1978. She was arrested on April 3, 2016. Her sentence was set to end on March 7, 2021, but she was scheduled to face a new set of charges on March 14. Keep an eye on this space for more information.

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