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Who is Mohammad Malick, Age, Heights, News Channel, Talkshow List

Exploring the Professional Life of Mohammad Malick

Mohammad Malick, a prominent figure in Pakistani journalism, has left an indelible mark with his incisive writing and insightful analysis. From his early beginnings in 1986 to his current endeavors with Aik News, Malick’s career has been a testament to his dedication and talent.

Mohammad Malick Career and Rise to Prominence:

Muhammad Malick age 55 years old approx. Starting his journey in journalism over three decades ago, Malick quickly made a name for himself with his direct and compelling style. Holding key editorial positions in renowned media outlets like the News, Geo News, PTV, and Dunya News, he showcased his knack for insightful reporting and engaging storytelling.

Journey of Journalist Mohammad Malick

Mohammad Malick Managing Director of PTV:

Malick’s trajectory reached new heights when he assumed the role of Managing Director at Pakistan Official Channel (PTV). Despite facing challenges, including legal disputes, his tenure at PTV was marked by remarkable achievements. Under his leadership, PTV witnessed a surge in revenue and introduced quality programming, notably establishing PTV Sports Channel as a premier destination for Pakistani sports enthusiasts.

Return to Television:

Following his departure from PTV, Malick returned to the television landscape with a political show titled BreakingViews with Malick on 92HD. The show, featuring discussions with a diverse panel of experts, offers in-depth analyses of key political events, garnering praise for its informative content and engaging format.

Mohammad Malick with Aik News:

Now, Malick embarks on a new chapter with Aik News, where he hosts the talk show program Breaking Barriers with Malick. This platform provides him with an opportunity to continue his legacy of insightful journalism and thought-provoking discourse.


As Mohammad Malick continues to navigate the dynamic realm of journalism, his contributions serve as a beacon of integrity and excellence. With each new venture, he reaffirms his commitment to informing and engaging audiences, cementing his status as one of Pakistan’s foremost journalists.

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FAQ about Journalist Mohammad Malick

Q: Who is Mohammad Malick?

A: Mohammad Malick is a renowned journalist and TV broadcaster known for his sharp writing style and insightful analysis.

Q: What are some highlights of Malick’s career?

A: Malick has held senior editorial positions at prominent media outlets such as the News, Geo News, PTV, and Dunya News. He also served as the Managing Director of PTV, where he oversaw significant growth and development.

Q: What is BreakingViews with Malick?

A: BreakingViews with Malick is a political show hosted by Mohammad Malick on 92HD. It features discussions with a panel of experts, providing analyses of current political events.

Q: When does Breaking Barriers with Malick air?

A: Breaking Barriers with Malick airs on Aik News and can be watched every [insert specific day(s) and time].

Q: What distinguishes Mohammad Malick as a journalist?

A: Malick is known for his direct and compelling approach to journalism, as well as his dedication to delivering insightful content to audiences.

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