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Who is Melanie Inglessis? Amber’s Former Makeup Artist Summoned In The Johnny Depp Headbutt Case

After many people have given their statements and shed light on the case from their perspective, it appears that Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s case is about to gain a new member. Heard is on the verge of dragging another prospect into the case, who is now her own former makeup artist. Continue reading the article if you’re interested in the case. Amber has now played yet another card by revealing her former makeup artist. Melanie Inglessis, who used to work for Amber, has made statements in the case and has some interesting facts to offer the case, all of which are favourable to Amber. Melanie stated that she assisted Amber in concealing her bruises.

Melanie Inglessis, who is she?

She also sustained an injury while working as her makeup artist. Melanie came forward on the 18th of May 2022 and stated that she assisted Amber in hiding the bruises she received during a fight with Depp. She also stated that in December of 2015, she assisted Amber in covering her broken lip and bruised face. She admitted that she doesn’t usually apply makeup to Amber’s face, but that due to the bruises, she had to. Melanie explained that they used a lot of concealer and a peach undertone corrector on her face, which she said she doesn’t use on Amber’s.

But she used a lot of makeup to hide the bruises under her eye. Heard stated in a statement that she was dragged and hard punched during the altercation, after which she went to Melanie’s house, a friend and makeup artist. Melanie was summoned after that, and she said the same thing: she saw bruises on Amber’s face and had to apply heavy makeup to her face because she had to attend James Corden’s late-late show. Melanie claimed she had never noticed a bruise on her face before that day.

However, she noticed bruises under Amber’s eyes the next day after the altercations. She claimed she had severe bruises under her eye and had to conceal them for the performance. Melanie also stated that she had never witnessed Depp being angry or abusing Amber before or during her time with her. On the other hand, Johnny claimed that the actress was attempting to discredit him. Depp was considered right in many situations because he was sued many times by Amber and was kicked off many of his contracts as a result. The case is still ongoing, and the judge must now make the appropriate decisions.

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