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Who Is Maya Tremillo? 17 Years Old Beaten By Savannah Walker & Ahliah Vestal Viral Video

A shocking piece of information circulated widely on social media and the internet. A young girl was brutally beaten by her best friends, according to the news. The video of the incident has been shared on Snapchat. In the video, two girls beat the victim, one of whom is the victim’s best friend. A third girl is recording this video. Following the release of this video, social media and the internet have been flooded with treats and comments from people who want to know why a girl’s best friend was outbeaten. Many people are looking for the video in order to learn more about it.

Maya Tremillo: Who Is She?

We’re here to assist you and provide you with information about every aspect of the video, so stay tuned to our blog page for the most up-to-date information and personal details about the victim girl who was beaten by her best friend. On the night of April 18th, 2022, this incident occurred in Clifton Park. Maya tremolo is the name of the victim girl who was allegedly beaten by her girl best friend. She is seventeen years old. Savannah Walker and another Ahliah Vestal are the names of the girls who defeated Maya.

Maya Tremillo – Instagram & Family Age

Both girls are 17 years old. Maya has been savagely beaten, sustained numerous injuries, and has multiple wounds on her face. Officials from the police department are now in charge of the investigation into the incident. Officials also stated that the two girls who assaulted Maya were charged with assault, and that the third girl who took the video was also charged. The charges are based on a person’s feeling and beating. Maya Tremillo is a high school student.

Savannah Walker and Ahliah Vestal: Who Are They?

Maya is being treated badly by the girls because of a boy, according to information. This entire incident took place in the presence of a young boy. According to the victim’s mother, her best friend called him to ask him to return their borrowed shoes. However, as the victim approached her best friend’s vehicle, she was attacked from behind by a girl. The other girl, Walker, exits the vehicle and leaps over Maya (victim) to begin attacking him. Walker also tries to cyberbully the victim’s daughter before the attack, according to the victim’s mother.

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