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Who Is Komal Vohra? Rapper Raftaar And His Wife File For Divorce After 6 Years Of Marriage

Raftaar’s wife’s name is Komal Vohra, and the two got married back in 2016. According to rumours, they both met in 2011 and immediately fell in love with one another. The couple decided to get married after dating for a total of 5 years. According to what was stated above, the couple wed in 2016. But it appears that the couple has now decided to go their separate ways because they are experiencing some negative effects in their union.

Komal Vohra: Who Is He?

According to reports, the divorce process will soon come to an end. Raftaar and Komal Vohra currently have divorce papers that they both signed on October 6th. The couple’s problems began just a few days after they got married, according to an important source of information. When things got bad enough, they decided to split up. The consequences were so severe that the couple even unfollowed one another on social media platforms and removed their pictures from the accounts while the divorce was in progress.

The rapper’s supporters are anxiously awaiting the outcome as the case is currently being heard in court. If we talk about Raftaar’s wife in more detail, Komal Vohra is the sister of two well-known television actors by the names of Kunal and Karan Vohra. When Vohra began dating the rapper in 2011, she attracted attention. Vohra is a co-founder of Yoga Studio Projeto and a professional interior designer.

Yoga enthusiast Komal frequently shares photos and videos of herself practising yoga on her Instagram page. She has amassed more than 37,000 followers on Instagram thanks to her social media activity.

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