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Who Is Kimika Viral VIDEO Full on Twitter, Twitch And Reddit

There has been a recent rift between two streamers in the twitch community, which has resulted in a heated argument. The ban from the platform of a hot streamer named Kimmikka for intimacies shared online caused the streaming community to experience a terrible moment. The ban on Kimika from the platform came a day after the video went live on the channel, and everyone was pleased with the decision. A few days later, the streamer is back to her regular schedule and is streaming on Twitch without any limitations, which has infuriated and frustrated many viewers. Give us more information about the Kimika controve*rsy.

Who Is Kimika – Bio, Age, Boyfriend

According to the sources, Kimika was sharing intimacy with someone while streaming on twitch. tv. Many people were offended by the actions he committed online, and as a result, she was banned from the platform. People believed that her expulsion was justified in light of her actions. She tweeted seven days later to announce her return to the platform and her intention to stream online. She attracted a lot of attention with this post, and the neighbourhood residents were also off*ended. People were off*ended because JiDion, a different streamer, was arbitrarily banned while Kimika was allowed to continue streaming despite engaging in intercourse during a live stream.

Due to the streamer’s unjustified ban, JiDion’s controve*rsy has been steadily growing on the website. JiDion discussed Pokimane and the need to outlaw it in a stream. He was last spotted streaming in January, and as soon as that happened, the platform banned him. After starting a hate campaign against Pokimane, JiDion was permanently barred from the platform by the streaming community, who claimed that his actions violated their har*assment policy. Fans were disappointed to learn that their favourite creator was not back on the streaming platforms months after it was announced that he would return to the platform.

JiDion tweeted in July that he had been suspended and that the platform had rejected his request to reappear.

Full Viral Video of Kimika

After the controve*rsy over Kimika started, everyone was happy when she was banned, but when she was later unbanned despite engaging in intimate behaviour online, the community erupted, and everyone is now furious online. JiDion also posted a tweet online in which he claimed that while he was still permanently banned from the platform, the girl only received a 7-day suspension after engaging in $e*xual activity online.

He added that Twitch is treating him in a racist manner. He also charged se*xism against the Twitch team and the website as a whole. Numerous internet users also expressed their opinions on Twitter, accusing Twitch of racism. One Twitter user claimed that Twitch is cruel, while others asserted that IG and Twitch have the worst customer service departments.

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