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Who Is Imane Anys Aka Pokimane? Viral Videos & Photos on Twitter, Reddit

Who Is Imane Anys Aka Pokimane – Profile, Age, Height, Family, Boyfriend, Net Worth & Career

Imane Anys is a YouTuber and Internet personality who is Canadian and Moroccan. Her followers on social media refer to her as Pokimane.

2013 saw the launch of her Twitch account. She is well-known for her YouTube productions, Vlogging, Twitch commentary work, and haphazard video creations.

Pokimane has a sizable social media fan base, with more than 1 million Facebook fans, 6.71 million YouTube subscribers, 3.7 million Twitter followers, and more than 6 million Instagram followers.

Imane Anys Aka Pokimane’s Height, Weight, and Age

25 years old is the woman. Anys is 51 kgs tall and 5 feet 3 inches wide. Only Brown is the colour of Imane’s eyes and hair. 34-24-34 are her body measurements.

Family of Imane Anys Aka Pokimane

In North Africa’s Morocco, Imane was born. There is no information online about her parents. When Imane was quite young, her family moved to Toronto, Canada. Imane spent the majority of her childhood in Canada.

Imane Anys Aka Pokimane: A Few Interesting And Unknown Facts

  1. Imane is very close to and loves her mother very much.
  2. Her mother works as a personal assistant, and Nikki Smith, her best friend, is a well-known Twitch streamer.
  3. French is Imane’s native tongue, and she also speaks English very well.
  4. Internet rumours state that Imane attended McMaster University to complete her chemical engineering bachelor’s degree. She later left her university, however, in order to pursue her online career.
  5. The majority of her videos feature jokes, random stories, and the unboxing of Greek subscription boxes.
  6. Imane began streaming content on her Twitch account in late 2013 using a $250 PC. After achieving Platinum rank in League of Legends, she purchased that.
  7. Imane is well-known for her live gaming video streams on the American video live streaming service Twitch, which typically feature “League of Legends” and “Fortnite.”
  8. Her well-known name, Pokimane, is a combination of her given name, Imane, and the well-known cartoon character Pokemon.
  9. Imane Anys is a part of Offline T.V, an online community for content producers that offers social entertainment.
  10. Imane is very consistent when it comes to sharing her sultry photos on social media.
  11. Her dimples and incredibly glowing skin helped her become well-known on Twitch.
    Imane enjoys styling her hair and frequently changes the colour and style of her hair.
  12. When it came to studying, she was extremely intelligent.

Net Worth of Imane Anys Aka Pokimane

Amy has a $2-3 million-dollar US net worth. Her main sources of income come from her work as a YouTuber, Twitch commentator, and Internet celebrity, as well as from brand promotions.


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