Who is Harjas Sethi Work-From-Home viral video girl? Instagram, age

Harjas Sethi went viral after she uploaded a rant about returning to work after a year of working from home. She discussed the enormous response to the viral video in an exclusive conversation with IndiaToday.in.

Harjas Sethi became an internet phenomenon after posting a video in which she bemoaned having to return to work after working from home for more than a year due to the new coronavirus outbreak. Harjas expressed her delight at the response to the viral video in her first-ever exclusive interview with IndiaToday.in.

Harjas Sethi, who began posting videos for fun on Instagram with her family and friends as followers, told IndiaToday.in that she is shocked by the response. She added in the exclusive interview that she is overjoyed that her video has gone viral, that she is planning to run for office soon, and that she expects things to blow up.

Take a look at Harjas’s video, which has gone viral:

Harjas also disclosed that, like the majority of us, she has been working from home since March. She’s still on WFH, and it’s become a habit for her, which is why she felt compelled to “express her feelings about it.”

Is she going to start working soon? Harjas responded by saying, “It was simply a rant, really. It will, of course, be my choice whenever I decide to return. My superiors are aware of the situation. We have yet to be summoned back to work. They simply asked us to complete a survey on how we felt about it. Perhaps they wanted to see how many staff were interested. But, of course, we’ll have to return at some time; we don’t have an option.”



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