Who Is Genie Exum? Reports on Charges and Crimes

what happened Genie Exum’s BoyFriend Explain?

Recent reports claim that an Instagram model stab**bed her boyfriend with a kitchen knife. According to reports, the shocking incident took place in Manhattan. In addition, it has come to light that the model also attacked her cousin with a wine bottle. Genie Exum has been recognised as the model. Since the news broke on the internet, she has held the top trending position. Everyone wants to know the truth about Genie and is looking for information. Get all the information right here.

Reports state that Genie Exum stab**bed her boyfriend during an altercation inside of her Midtown apartment. After the NYPD officers arrived to take her into custody, the 22-year-old social media model also displayed her breasts in front of the police car. On Monday at around 6:45 PM, the model stab**bed her boyfriend Babyboy Pajulas in the back and arm inside her Manhattan apartment on 10th Avenue. Then, with a smirk, Exum instructed a reporter to subscribe to her OF account and went on to spell out the name of the account. She was taken into custody by police from her apartment. At her arraignment in Manhattan Criminal Court, the blonde was, nonetheless, released without posting bail.

For the second-degree as**sault charge, prosecutors had requested that the model be held on a $10,000 bail or $50,000 bond. The assistant district attorney for Manhattan, Grace Lunden, argued in court that this is a violent case. She also stab**bed the victim twice, once in the back and once on the forearm, it was added. According to reports, Frances Armor dialled 911, and the NYPD responded. Frances claimed that when he got into a fight with the Instagram model, he was inside an apartment. He continued by saying that Genie had stab**bed him in the arm and back with a kitchen knife.

Frances Armor was transported to Bellevue Hospital with consideration for his health. He’s actually doing fine right now. Exum was detained and accused of as**sault in the interim. The model was arraigned in Manhattan Criminal Court the following day and released without bail despite having attempted a crime. The man was described by Brooke Quincy Myers, her public defender, as being older and larger than Exum, and she added that Frances had informed him that he did not want the case to proceed. Exum is not allowed to communicate with Armor after the judge issued a no-contact order against her.

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