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Who Is Dicari Kayes, Video Goes Viral on Reddit & Twitter

In a video that has recently gained popularity online and is trending on numerous websites and social media platforms, a girl makes an appearance. People are becoming more and more interested in watching the tape as they continue to ask for the viral movie that is going viral online.

The numerous screenshots from the video are also growing in popularity. The film, also referred to as the Mirip Kayes viral video has been posted on numerous websites.

Mirip Kayes’s Trending Video

Although the identity of the uploader is currently unknown, Indonesia is thought to be the country of origin. Furthermore, it’s unclear how the video came to be so well-known. Kayes is the name of the girl whose video is catching internet users’ attention. The movie is actually a priva*te tape that has been uploaded to the internet; when it became popular there, people began sharing it, and it quickly became a hot topic. In addition, a woman named Kayes is said to be the person in the video. It was discovered that the Indonesian girl was an esports brand ambassador after she was discovered by internet users, which explains why so many people are familiar with her.

Who exactly is Dicari Kayes?

The brand ambassador for Indonesian esports, Kayes ONIC, is reportedly in the movie, as was already mentioned. The young woman is a brand ambassador and a social media star with millions of followers on her various social media platforms. Kayes also has thousands of followers on her TikTok account, where she posts videos of herself dancing and doing other things. Many people have asserted that Kayes is the girl in the video, but she hasn’t confirmed it. Whether the video is of Kayes or not, nothing can be said because she hasn’t responded yet. Since Kayes uses social media, she might discuss the video there.

The girl can be seen in the video appearing to be completely undressed. The girl’s face bears a striking resemblance to Kayes when examined closely. However, as was already mentioned, there is no proof or confirmation from Kayes’ end, which is upsetting the internet more. The video is primarily removed and shared by numerous websites, though it is also shared by a large number of Twitter users. In one of the movies, she was depicted as being bare and unprotected. Given the size of Kayes’s following, some people started claiming that the video was of him.


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