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Who Is Cleo Mcnally? Attacked Three Police Officers Video Viral

On social media, a video has been circulating in which an adolescent is seen attempting to start a fight with her buddy and also attacking three cops after downing a bottle of vodka. During the rampage with an officer, an 18-year-old girl named Cleo McNally fought an officer, according to sources. Even though she was aware that her video could make headlines if it went viral, she was unconcerned. According to the reports, the incident occurred on November 14 of last year.

Cleo McNally: Who Was She?

The police went ahead to stop the girl, but the girl, named as Cleo Mcnally, misbehaved with the officer, according to the report. She was constantly arguing with her pal.

On Castle Street in Macclesfield, the girl was kicked out at all three police officers while they were attempting to detain the defendant. One cop was allegedly kicked in the knee and wrist, while others were allegedly kicked in the legs. The officer detained the girl after the event and took her to be interrogated. The girl admitted to being in a dispute with her companion and claimed to have consumed a full bottle of vodka.

McNally said she remembered the cops arriving, but she didn’t remember touching the officer’s baton. She did say, however, that she remembered pushing them and that she was extremely inebriated at the time. The girl was given a 12-month community order, as well as 15 days of rehabilitation activity and 60 hours of unpaid work, by the judge. She was also sentenced to pay each officer £50 in reparation.

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