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Who is Chloe from Cignature? Data Science Major’s Viral Video of Coding Instruction to K-Pop Fans

The Cignature girl group from South Korea has had one of its members make the news. Yes, we are referring to Chloe who has become a social media sensation for teaching K-pop fans how to code. Although her fans were already aware of her intelligence, her coding lesson on VLive astounded nonfans. The same video clip has been making the rounds online and has made both the group and its members famous. Everyone now wants to know more about her. Check out the article below to learn more about Cignature’s Chloe.

On August 19, Chloe appeared on VLive and expressed her desire for support from her followers while she studied. She began explaining what she was doing to her fans while she was preparing for her classes. Well, her supporters were already aware that she was a University of Michigan data science student. Additionally, Chloe has discussed her major in a number of interviews, so anyone who knows her is aware of her intelligence. The video only became popular after he went live on September 9, 2022.

It happened when one of the viewers posted a VLive video clip on Twitter. The video quickly became popular and received a lot of engagement. The news spread quickly on K-Pop Twitter and other websites, attracting the attention of nonfans who were horrified to see the young member teaching fans how to code. It is safe to say that this is the first time that something of this nature has come to light. Fans of Cignature revealed the same when they discussed how they had jokingly asked her to do some “coding with Chloe.”

Fans didn’t believe that the idol would take their advice seriously and actually begin teaching them how to code. Chloe is currently receiving a lot of attention from internet users and is trending across several platforms. Let’s inform our readers that Chloe is a part of the 2020 K-Pop group Cignature. Chloe, who is Korean, had previously resided in California. She did relocate to South Korea though, where she is now a K-pop idol. According to reports, she has received a certificate from the President Education Awards Program of President Obama as well as the Congressional Award. The group’s vocalist is Chloe.

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