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Who Is Chia Min Yong? Kidnapper called her Missing Girl Family

Chia Min Yong: Who Is He? Missing Girl Gets a Call from a Suspected Kidnapper Demanding RM30,000:

A group of syndicates has contacted Chia Min Yong’s family, demanding a large sum of money in ransom. According to reports, the alleged syndicate group has kidnapped Chia Min Yong and has her under their control. This news went viral on the internet, and now everyone is scouring web pages for more details. If you’re looking for the same information, you should read all the way to the bottom of the page to learn more about this hot topic on the news. Furthermore, Chia Min Yong’s sister-in-law issued a statement on the subject, which you can read here.

Chia Min Yong: Who Is she?

Chia Min Yong was last seen two weeks ago in Setapak and is now completely unreachable. It’s been two weeks since police officers began searching for her, and there’s no doubt that investigators have used every available technique to locate Chia Min Yong as quickly as possible. However, a recent anonymous call has caused a stir and prompted family members to consider it hundreds of times. Please read the next section to find out what ransom was demanded by the kidnappers.

Is Chia Min Yong still alive?

As previously stated, Chia Min Yong’s family received a call from kidnappers who claimed to have taken Chia Min Yong as a hostage. Furthermore, the kidnapper stated that she is currently in The Golden Triangle. He also informed her family that he is in contact with the syndicate in order to strike a deal for money in exchange for Chia Min Yong. He did, however, demand RM30,000 in ransom money from her family. Her family, on the other hand, wants to know if he has Chia Min Yong in his custody before paying him the money.

Instagram: Chia Min Yong

Meanwhile, before paying the ransom, Min’s sister-in-law requested that the kidnapper speak with Chia Min Yong. Meanwhile, the kidnapper imposed a condition on her, requiring her to pay an additional RM10,000 in order to speak with Chia Min Yong. Min’s sister-in-law, on the other hand, refused to pay him a penny because she believes he is a con artist who is taking advantage of their situation. However, it has been confirmed that officers have yet to locate her whereabouts, despite the fact that she has been missing for more than two weeks. For more information, keep an eye on this page.

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