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Who is Bhola Record

Bhola Record is a well-known Pakistani Tiktok celebrity who was born on September 5, 1967 in Lahore, Pakistan. Find more about Bhola Record’s work, age, family, photos, biography, and more. Learn about all of Bhola Record’s major milestones and accomplishments.

Date of Birth 5th September 1967
Birth Place Lahore, Pakistan
Residence Lahore, Pakistan
Profession Tiktok Star
Siblings Two Brothers and One Sister
Brother Raheel Akram and Shakeel Akram

Nabeel Akram, often known as Bhola Record, is a Tiktoker, YouTuber, and Social Media Celebrity from Pakistan. He rose to prominence after posting an improper video of himself with a foreign woman in Dubai, which he shared with his pals. He used his unexpected success to become a content producer, amassing millions of followers across many social media platforms. Bhola Record now includes a PUBG voice set as well as various WhatsApp stickers.

Memes Recorded by Bhola
Memers frequently create memes based on Bhola Record’s casual videos, which have a comic tone to them. Nabeel Akram’s distinct speaking style and smart sense of humour entice the memer community to include his content in their memes.

Bhola Song Recording
Bhola Record was also included in the Punjabi video song Hun Das by Puthi Topi Gang.

Scandal Over Bhola Records
Bhola went to Dubai and made some indecent films with ladies of foreign origin to share with his buddies. The films eventually made their way onto the internet, where they prompted fury among netizens. Bhola Record publicly apologised for the activities and used his unfavourable celebrity to demonstrate his patriotic and comedic sides.

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