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Who Is Artvangrow, Video & Photos Went Viral On TikTok, Twitter & Reddit

Artvangrow: Bio & Wikipedia

Despite the fact that there isn’t much information about Amanda online, it appears that she is a 30-year-old woman. Amanda’s TikTok account has over 14,000 followers.

To gain the support of her followers, she posted the video online. Instead, she received support from some people, but there were also some others who watched the entire video and criticised Amanda for acting inappropriately and speaking rudely to the workers. According to reports, Amanda asked Hansen and Jamie to return to their original positions after they were fired from their jobs. According to reports, the argument started when Amanda requested an influencer discount, which the employee denied because there wasn’t one available.

Artvangrow: Who Is He?

She is well-known for her TikTok videos, and instead of going by Amanda, her TikTok username is artvangrow. Employees at Home Depot were recently let go after she accused them of acting rudely toward her. The woman made the accusations while she was in the home depot talking to the staff members. She then accused two workers of acting inappropriately around her, and after Amanda began arguing with them and ultimately firing them, these workers lost their jobs. The internet noticed a video in which the employees were genuinely speaking calmly with Amanda when she posted a video of her discussing the conflict and how the employee misbehaved with her. After, she published a video.

Viral Videos & Photos by Artvangrow

She expressed hatred toward the employees in her remarks and in her speech, which was also directed at them. The video’s comment section was flooded with unfavourable remarks, and people began making fun of Amanda for her rude behaviour toward the employees. The employees were rather acting in a racist manner when Amanda asked them to return to their original positions. People began calling Amanda Karen in her comment section and making fun of her for speaking impolitely to the guys after the video became popular on the internet.
Later, it was revealed that one of the staff members had apologised to Amanda when she was in her car and exiting the store. She just started recording a video and posted it online rather than talking and working things out. She was also seen in the video speaking impolitely to the employee, who by nature and the way she spoke to Amanda seemed genuine.

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