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Who is Aqsa kinjhar Jamali?

Aqsa Kinjhar Jamali Age, Height, Boyfriend, Biography and Instagram

Aqsa Kinjhar Leela Jamali ( ) is a Sindhi social media sensation who rose to fame thanks to the lip-syncing apps TikTok and SnackVideo. Aqsa Kinjhar Leela Jamalis is a well-known TikTok star in Pakistan, with over 3 million followers on the platform. Aziz Jamali, Aqsa Keenjhar Leela’s father, is a businessman and a beurocret. Aqsa Kinjhar Leela Jamali is well-known not only on the lip-syncing app, but also on the social media platform Instagram. @aqsakinjharleelaj is Aqsa Kinjhar Leela’s TikTok username.

Aqsa Kinjhar Leela has collaborated with several commercials ads due to her huge popularity on social media. On Sindhi entertainment channel KTN Entertainment, she hosts The Aqsa show. Aqsa Kinjhar Leela Jamali is a Pakistani actress from Karachi. Aqsa Kinjhar Leela will be 31 years old in 2021.

Aqsa Kinjhar Jamali on Instagram.

In the country, TikTok has given birth to a slew of celebrities. Aqsa Kinjhar Leela Jamali, who, like her name, has a distinct personality and is the first Sindhi TikToker, is one such name. A special meeting with Aqsa Kinjhar Leela Jamali was arranged by MM News, and the following are the details:

What does your unusual name mean, and who suggested it?

My grandfather named me Aqsa Kinjhar Leela Jamali after my father’s grandmother, Keenjhar Laila. Since it is considered impolite to take the name of one’s elders, my father added Aqsa to my name.

When did you start hosting and how long did it take you to become TikToker?

Kinjhar’s Aqsa Leela Jamali: I’ve been on TikTok for three years and started hosting two years ago. I enjoy hosting and being watched on TikTok.

What are your future plans now that you’ve become a TikTok host?

Kinjhar, Aqsa Leela Jamali: I never imagined myself as a television host. Things in my life frequently happen by chance, and even my appearance on television was a fluke. I’m afraid I can’t comment on the future.

Which parent is the most helpful?

Aqsa Kinjhar Leela Jamali: I am who I am today because of my family’s support. I wouldn’t be anything if it weren’t for my family’s support. My mother and father have always been very supportive of me.

What kind of videos do you make and how big is your fan base?

Kinjhar’s Aqsa Leela Jamali: I try to promote my culture, and the majority of my videos are in Sindhi. My video content is always influential, and Sindhi users are more likely to follow me.

On Jannat Mirza or TikTok, who do you believe is the biggest competitor?

Kinjhar’s Aqsa Jannat Mirza is the most famous person on TikTok, and he had millions of fans when I hadn’t even heard of TikTok. Leela Jamali: No one can be more stupid than me if I consider competing with Jannat Mirza.

If you ever get a chance in politics, which party would you like to join?

Aqsa Kinjhar Leela Jamali: The PPP is my favourite political party, and I especially like Bilawal Bhutto, despite the fact that a video of him recently went viral, but I believe that if he is fluent in English, he should speak in English.

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