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Who is Ali Rehman Khan

Ali Rehman Khan, a well-known Pakistani actor, was born on May 6, 1986 in Islamabad, Pakistan. Discover Ali Rehman Khan’s work, age, family, photos, biography, and more. Learn about Ali Rehman Khan’s main achievements and accomplishments.

Date of Birth 6 May 1986
Birth Place Islamabad, Pakistan
Residence Islamabad
Profession Actor
Information about Ali Rehman Khan
Ali Rehman Khan is a Pakistani actor, he appear in Television dramas, Films, and also perform in Theatre plays. The talented chap has won two Hum Awards and has been nominated twice at the Lux Style Awards for his acting prowess. He made his acting debut in the road comedy Gol Chakkar (2012), and then went on to star in the romance television drama Rishtay Kuch Adhooray Se (2013), which helped him gain a wider audience.

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