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While Se*xting another Man, an abusive woman strangled her partner.

While se*xing another man, an abusive woman strangled her partner with an extension lead. The victim’s bereaved family has spoken out.

The family of a man who was murdered by his abusive partner has demanded that she be sentenced to death in prison.

Charlotte Dootson, a former dru**g addict with a personality disorder, targeted Mohammed Mukhtar, a helpless and vulnerable man, and subjected him to years of vile and violent domestic abuse.

Dootson had started an online relationship with a man a week before the murder.

Dootson flirted with the man and exchanged se**xual images and messages with him at Mr Mukhtar’s flat in Manchester on August 30, 2021.

She used extension leads to bind the 53-year-hands, old’s feet, and neck and left him tied for two hours.

Abusive woman strangled her partner, While Se*xting another Man

Mr Mukhtar, also known as Amin, was also strangled with an extension lead by Dootson.

She was apprehended on the street and later confessed to murder.

Amin had also sustained a laceration to his liver as a result of Dootson’s kick or stamp to his stomach.

Amin’s family has now spoken out about the incident, blaming several blunders on Greater Manchester Police, Social Services, and the Mental Health Team for the tragedy.

“She is simply pure evil, no words could describe how horrific her treatment of my brother was – she’s a modern-day Myra Hindley and a danger to all,” Brother Yasin told The Sun.

“She tortured and murdered my brother, a loving son, sibling, uncle, and great uncle to 16 loving nephews and nieces.”

“Amin was the gentlest and best of us, with a plethora of friends, and his vulnerable nature meant he was exploited.

“They met in Manchester when he saw her crying and felt sorry for her, so he went over to comfort her.

“He wanted to help, and that was his magic – he wanted to help everyone,” says the narrator.

“They met in 2017, but she was controlling and abusing him, and none of us realised what was going on.”

“He was a straight-up guy who didn’t drin**k or smoke before she introduced him to Spice, and he wouldn’t even drin**k or smoke before this.”

“He was a good son who wanted to please his mother and was never a Spice fan.”

“He wasn’t a dru**g user; he was forced into it.” He was born prematurely, had a stutter, and was deaf in one ear – he was small and only weighed nine stone, making him extremely vulnerable.

“He had mental health issues and depression his entire life.”

“Some of their friends told me they didn’t look right together, that she would yell at him and embarrass him in public.”

“However, he took it all and simply followed her around.” My brother wouldn’t say where he lived, but she had complete control over everything we now know and understand.”

Dootson was sentenced to life in prison, with a minimum sentence of 22 and a half years.

“When an Asian man dies, we take him to the mosque and wash him, and it was there that I saw all the wounds on his body,” Yasin continued.

“According to the police, he was strangled, with neck trauma and strangulation marks.

“You could see the marks from the cord around his neck, as well as bruises on his head, face, arms, and body, while we were washing him.”

“There was a slice mark on the back of his right bicep with stitches marks, and his left bicep had the same defensive wounds with the stitches still in the cut.”

“This death could have been avoided because she strangled him weeks before and was charged with domestic violence.

“She told the cops she was going to kill him when she was arrested, and look what she did.”

“There was no remorse in the least.” She even stated in court on her first appearance that she enjoyed being in prison and that she should be kept there indefinitely because she will always be a danger to others.

Dootson had previously been arrested three times for allegedly assaulting Amin. She was detained for a month on one occasion before the case was dismissed after he refused to support the prosecution.

Prior to the murder, her abusive behaviour “intensified in frequency and severity.”

“She is pure evil and callous,” Amin’s sister Fozia said. Amin was a shy young man who was simply too quiet and kind to hurt anyone, and he did not deserve what she had done to him.

“No punishment she could ever receive could ever be compared to the suffering she has caused our family.” We want answers as a family.

“Everyone at the hospital did their part; they reported all of the injuries to the police, and they now have a lot of questions to answer.”

“They simply have not done their job at Greater Manchester Police – they received a damning communication from the hospital four weeks before he died, and they simply have not done their job.”

“This was a high-risk domestic violence victim who waited 11 days for the police to respond, and all they did was call him.”

“A phone call – they never went out of their way to check on a vulnerable man.”

“I’m sure the social workers and support workers were aware of what was going on, but nothing was done to protect him.” This is a tragedy that could have been avoided.

“The Mental Health team didn’t even have next of kin information – the family didn’t get a letter from them until six months after he died.”

“The barrister took about 40 minutes in court to read out all of the horrible things that had happened to our brother. I haven’t been able to sleep since that day because it took so long.

“Her family even verbally abused us in court.” None of them have expressed regret or apologised.

“She was even putting her thumbs up after my victim impact statement was read out in court, so the judge should have been more forceful with her.”

“She is clearly a manipulating, controlling witch who preys on the weak, and she should be locked up.”

“How many chances do you need to put someone like that in jail because they are clearly a threat to others?”

The Independent Office of Police Conduct is looking into how the domestic violence incidents surrounding Amin’s death were handled.

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