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What will be on the coming Imran Khan and Azam Khan leaked audio?

Upcoming reported audio release of Imran Khan: According to PTI, they will not remain silent if it occurs.

Imran Khan’s conversation with his former principal secretary Azam Khan while he was Pakistan’s prime minister (PM) could be made public, according to journalist Ansar Abbasi for Daily Jang.

After that, Dr. Arslan Khalid, Khan’s point person for digital media, posted on Twitter, “Recording thousands of conversations, editing voices, making personalised phone calls, and then disseminating them through your envelopes, is all that’s left now.”

This action was described as treason by PTI’s Babar Awan, who added, “First Bushra Imran’s phoney audio, now Imran Khan’s.” Is it a joke that someone can record the Prime Minister of a nuclear state’s phone call and then manipulate and alter it for a media trial?

An old interview with Khan from when he was in power was posted by journalist Mansoor Ali Khan. Khan can be heard justifying Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) for recording calls in the video tape.

Khan claims that ISI is aware of his telephone conversation partners. He said that since they are in charge of the PM’s security, they ought to be aware.

Shireen Mazari and Fawad Chaudhry, two PTI leaders and former federal ministers, spoke at a news conference to denounce the audio recordings that were leaked by Bushra Bibi and Khan.

Speaking on Khan’s tape, Mazari asserted that it is unlawful to tap a prime minister’s secure line because only an intelligence agency is permitted to do so. She requested the Supreme Court (SC) to intervene immediately because the situation is in breach of the SC’s order.

The supreme court stated in its ruling from the late 1990s that an individual’s right to privacy under Article 14 extended beyond of their home or place of employment and included public spaces as well.

She went on to say that it is a blatant breach of the Constitution, using Ansar Abbasi’s name. According to Mazari, leaking such tape would be against the Official Secrets Act since it would be the conversation of a prime minister and his principal secretary.

“If a journalist releases information, they are breaking both the Official Secrets Act and Article 14 of the Constitution. Beware, if this occurs, we won’t sit idly by,” she continued.

The former minister commented on the Bushra Bibi audio leak, claiming that “no substantive” conversation was present and that “the main concern here is of phone tapping.”

How much did the US contribute to the phone-tapping operation, one wonders? Mazari asked something. She claimed that because “neutrals and the government” were unable to uncover any proof of Khan’s involvement in corruption, they are releasing audios. She further stated that they are distracting people from pressing issues like load shedding and inflation.

Defense Minister Khawaja Asif said that if PTI says that Bushra Bibi’s audio leak is phoney, they may hire a third party to conduct its forensics. Asif was appearing on Geo News’ show “Naya Pakistan.”

Bushra Bibi is heard telling Arslan Khalid to make a declaration against Khan’s opponents and launch a campaign to “prove them, traitors,” according to an audio that was purportedly released on Saturday.

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