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What was the cause of death of Simona Cavallaro?

Simona Cavallaro, who was she?

Simona Cavallaro, an Italian student, went on a picnic with her boyfriend and was confronted with a nightmare that ruined her life as well as that of her boyfriend. According to reports, she was attacked by 12 dogs in the southern Italian town of Satriano. If we’re talking about the pack, he was the 20-year-old, and they went on to attack her later. Cavallaro’s friend found her burrow in a nearby chapel on August 26, 2021, but she was torn apart by the dogs and left with deadly bite marks.

What was the cause of death for Simona Cavallaro?

Simona was having a great time at the picnic with her boyfriend, but she was attacked by dogs that had been left unattended by a shepherd. When he was with his girlfriend, her boyfriend was so disheartened. In connection with the same, an Italian shepherd was arrested for involuntary manslaughter after his shepherd fatally beaten a 20-year-old girl.


Cavallaro died of hemorrhagic shock as a result of injuries in multiple places, according to her autopsy. Her sentence was so harsh that there is no way to save her. Her body was completely damaged, and her family was heartbroken to see their daughter in such a state.

Simona Cavallaro’s Cause of Death

Her injuries included disintegration of the lower limbs, head, and pelvis, as well as lacerations. Her body was badly injured and she was bled to death. The friends who had been injured in the attempt to save her from the shepherd dogs had also contacted the local authorities, who have been alerted to the incident.

Pietro Russomanno, the shepherd and later the owner of the dogs, was arrested on Friday, April 1 for abandoning his flock in this manner, and they killed her. A 45-year-old man was seen near the bar when the attack took place almost eight months ago, according to Corriere De La Calabria. Russomanno had left his dogs to graze his flock unattended, had failed to monitor their behaviour, and had failed to recall them when they became enraged by the Cavallaro.

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