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What is Highlighting Publishers Owned By Underrepresented Groups | Google AdSense

Dear Partner,

In 2020, one of our buyers, Display & Video 360, began highlighting self-identified Black-owned publishers within Marketplace, as part of Google’s commitments to racial equity. This program has allowed interested advertisers to thoughtfully design campaigns that support underrepresented businesses.

Now Display & Video 360 has expanded this program to Women-owned, Latino-owned and LGBTQ+ publishers. Display & Video 360’s program is one element of a broader initiative across Google to make our products more inclusive and make it easier for customers to find and support underrepresented businesses.

To be eligible to participate:

Publisher must have their own Google Ad Manager or AdSense account
• Publisher’s organization must be majority owned and controlled by members of the group they are self-identifying as (Black, Women, Latino or LGBTQ+)

Please note this program will highlight businesses owned by underrepresented groups, not content aimed at specific audiences. Display & Video 360 does not allow advertisers to target ads based on categories such as race, religion, ethnicity, or se*xual orientation.

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