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What Happened When An Asian Doll Fighting Video With A Woman Went Viral On Social Media?

Asian Doll appears to be in a heated mess right now after a video of her went viral and received negative feedback from numerous internet users. According to the sources, the woman took the rapper’s diamond chain when the rapper was at a pool party and interacting with fans. People began filming the scene after they saw an Asian doll fighting a woman. People made fun of Asian for batting the woman out when this video got viral online.
It appears that the rapper is not on the side of the note because Asian and the women who were attempting to steal the necklace both posted their accounts of the events. Let’s talk about the artist Asian Doll’s true situation.

Asian Doll Fighting in a Popular Video with a Woman

As the video gained popularity, many people began making fun of Asian for injuring and beating the woman. The woman also relapsed in a statement, admitting that she was only trying to touch the artist while trying to imagine herself doing it. Asian doll claimed that the lady attempted to take her diamond necklace, and in the footage, the Asian can be seen beating the woman as she gets closer to them. Many people sided with the rapper, but many more sided with the woman who was attempting to take a photo with Asians.

Although there are two sides to this tale, the majority of people think the woman was not attempting to snag the chain.

What took place with the Asian doll?

A security guard intervened to break up their altercation, and the women were separated. After that, Asian was brought to the car that was waiting for her. Asian made fun of the woman by calling her a phoney Dior woman because she was wearing a Dior attire after the woman claimed online that he was only attempting to snap a selfie.

Asian used a lot of foul language when talking about the woman, and she frequently made fun of her on Twitter by tweeting that she was attempting to take off the diamond chain she was wearing at the time. The video quickly became popular online after being widely shared by numerous individuals.

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As the video gained popularity, many people discussed it on Twitter and made fun of the woman and Asians.

Someone was attempting to steal the Asian Doll’s necklace, according to the Instagram user who shared the footage. One Twitter user responded to the tweets made by Asians about the woman by noting that sometimes it’s okay to laugh at them and move on. Another remarked that the party was suspicious and that the chain had not been stolen. Some of them responded by claiming that the woman might be right and that the Asian was attempting to draw attention from online users. In this scenario, it is unclear who is in the right.

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