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What caused the arrest of a Calgary teacher? Explanation of the Charges

Calgary Teacher Arrested: What was the reason for the arrest of a Calgary teacher? The Charges Have Been Explained:

Even after reading the horrific cases involving students, some teachers refuse to take names in order to prevent crime against their students. The holy profession is being tainted solely due to the actions of a few teachers. A former educator from a small town in southern Alberta has been charged with se**xual assault in connection with an incident that occurred in 2015. According to reports, RCMP in Didsbury, north of Calgary, received a report about an assault that occurred in December 2021 while the victim was in elementary school. At the time of the alleged offences, the accused was employed as a teacher.

A Calgary teacher has been arrested.

As a result of the investigation, Harley Arthur Dickinson, 72, of Mountain View County, Alta., has been charged with three felonies, including

  • Sexual interference
  • Sexual exploitation
  • Sexual assault

After being arrested, Dickinson was brought before a judge, and after a judicial hearing, he was released with several conditions, including not possessing weapons and not being in any place that engages people under the age of 16. The Didsbury RCMP are continuing their investigation and are appealing to the public for any information about similar incidents. Cops are now requesting that any other potential victims come forward and speak with them.

What was the reason for the arrest of a Calgary teacher?

The Didsbury RCMP have released a photo of Dickinson, who was using an alias at the time, to help other potential victims identify him. The following is information about his physical structure that has been released by the police:

Skin tone is light.
159 lbs, 5′ 8″ tall, grey hair with some balding

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