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Web Series Palang Tod Zaroorat Season 2 Streaming

The Ullu App has just made available Palang Tod Zaroorat 2 on their ott platform. Multiple languages will be offered for the web series. The second season of Zaroorat, which debuted in April, is this. The web series is erotic and dramatic. Sharanya Jit Kaur plays the main roles in the cast of the Palang Tod Zaroorat 2 web series.

On the Ullu App, you can currently watch all episodes of the web series Palang Tod Zaroorat 2. The web series has a total of 3 episodes, and it lasts about 60 minutes in total. Additionally, the Palang Tod Zaroorat story will be continued. It is only appropriate for a particular audience. Matki, Khoon Bhari Maang, Chawl House 3, Tawa Garam, and other recent releases are available on Ullu App.

Web Series Palang Tod Zaroorat 2 Story

When Kamlesh’s cousin Umesh learns of Savita and Kamlesh’s covert relationship, their sweet love story becomes more complicated. He begins extorting Savita rather than assisting his brother in finding love. Being physically confined to his wheelchair, poor Kamlesh had no choice but to observe Savita’s suffering.

Palang Tod Zaroorat Season 2 was released following the success of the first season. The romance between Savita and Kamlesh is depicted in the second season. Umesh, who appeared in the trailer, visited his aunt’s home. where he caught Savita and Kamlesh having a sexual encounter, recorded it, and then began to blackmail Savita.

The private scene between Savita and Ganesh opens the first episode of Palang Tod Zaroorat Season 2. Then it becomes clear that Umesh traveled to meet his aunt from Delhi. Umesh struggles with addiction. Savita’s attractiveness drew Umesh in. Umesh recorded the intimacies between Savita and Ganesh. Savita goes to Umesh’s house and he begins to blackmail her and take her salary because she didn’t give her salary to her husband. Watch the web series to get the whole story.

Online streaming of Zaroorat Season 2 is currently available on Ullu App. With one or two additions, the cast of the web series is nearly identical to that of the previous season. We have access to Sharanya Jit Kaur’s private moments. M.S., who also directed season 1 of this web series, is the director.

Cast of the Palang Tod Zaroorat 2 web series

Sharanyajit Kaur as Savita
Neeraj Mishra as Ganesh
Bhavesh Kantaria as Bhavesh
Gaurav Raaj as Umesh
Vaidehee Bhave as Tejasvini

Details for the web series Palang Tod Zaroorat 2

Palang Tod Zaroorat 2 is the title; Sharanya J Kaur, Neeraj Singh Rajput, Ravi Mishra, and Vaidehee Bhave are the cast members.
Genre: Erotic, 18+ Palang Tod is a web series of the drama genre, directed by M.S.
Release: August 30, 2022
Hindi is the language of India and Ullu App is the OTT platform.


A. Cast & Actress for Palang Tod Zaroorat 2 Web Series?

Ans. Neeraj Singh Rajput, Vaidehee Bhave, Sharanya J. Kaur

How Can I Watch Palang Tod Zaroorat 2 Online on the Ullu App?

Ans. To watch the series, download the Ullu App and subscribe to it.

A. When will Palang Tod Zaroorat 2 be released online?

Answer: August 30, 2022

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