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Watch: Young Girl ‘Pole Dancing’ In Public Full HD Video Went Viral on Twitter

For all the wrong reasons, a girl from Islamabad has gone viral on social media. A young girl from 1-8 Markaz was recently seen dancing by the roadside. Passers-by were drawn in by the youngster’s provocative dancing, which included a pole dance on a no-parking sign.

The incident’s footage has gone viral on Twitter. People are unsure what to make of the occurrence. Netizens are debating the occurrence and the young man’s mental health.

People are upset about the girl’s “indecent” actions. Authorities are being called upon to take action against her.

Others argue that the individual who recorded the girl had no right to post her footage online. People believe it is unethical to post the footage without her permission.

Several individuals believe the girl is inebriated. The young girl appears to be dancing carelessly and unaware of her surroundings.

Some suggest that people should stay out of each other’s way. The girl is not causing any harm to anyone and should be free to dance without fear of being judged.

Finally, trolls make fun of the situation. People come up with ridiculous explanations for the girl. Some speculate that she is dancing because of the heat and the lack of light at home. Others criticise the individual who taped the girl, claiming that he “enjoyed” the entire dance before posting it on social media.

Should action be taken in response to the girl dancing in Islamabad? Please share your thoughts in the box below.

Young Girl ‘Pole Dancing’ In Public Full HD Video Went Viral


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