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Watch: Who Is VACKSYOU Video Went Viral on Twitter

So, hello there, and we’re back with some news about a Twitter handle that’s been causing a lot of boys to pop up all over the internet. Flumingss is a hot topic among online users, who are extremely concerned about the incident. So, recently, there was a horrific situation in which two young girls were attempting to become famous and were caught playing with a gun. Then, when she fired the gun and both of them died, the entire amusing scenario devolved into a chaotic nightmare.

What Was Paris Harvey’s Real Name?

Unfortunately. All of this occurred in front of a live Instagram video, and it has since made headlines around the world. This is the story of a 12-year-old and 14-year-old girl who were playing in front of a live Instagram video while no one was home. They were trying to draw in crowds with various acts when she suddenly pulled out a gun and began playing with it. Paris Harvey is the name of the young woman who accidentally fired the g*un, killing herself and her cousin Kuaron Harvey.

The Cause of Death of Paris Harvey

We would like to express our heartfelt condolences to the young girls’ families and hope that the investigation will be completed soon. The entire incident was taking place in front of a thousand eyes, and everyone could only watch the horrific event unfold. The girls’ Twitter account has nearly 4,000 followers, and the number of people following them is growing every day as a result of this terrible incident.

Live Stream of Paris Harvey’s Death on Instagram

Young people all over the world are attempting to become famous as quickly as possible through social networking sites, and they are making some extremely risky decisions in the process. They aren’t even adults, and they are attempting to become famous at such a young age when they should be enjoying life and playing. Parents and guardians should talk about and discuss their children’s problems, and this is how communities can improve. We’ll be back with more information on this case later.

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