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Watch Web Series Matki Part 2 Online

The Ullu App now offers the second episode of the Matki web series. Two episodes make up Part 2 of the web series. An erotic drama web series in the Hindi language is called Matki Part 2. The web series’ Part 1 was made available on August 19 and Part 2 is now available on August 26, 2022. Priya Gamre, Bhanu Surya, Palak Singh, and Ankita Bhattacharya play the lead roles in the Matki web series. This article discusses how to watch Matki Part 2 online as well as the web series cast, actress, release date, and plot.

All four episodes of the web series Matki Part 2 can now be watched on the Ullu App. The boy who recently returned to their aunt’s home is the main character of the web series. Vivek Pathak is the author and S. Kumar is the director of this web series. Only a few audience types would benefit from watching this web series. The most recent web series on Ullu App is Khoon Bhari Maang Part 2, and the next one is Palang Tod Zaroorat season 2.

Matki: Part 2 of the Web Series

After living in the city for many years, Mohan returns to his village where he meets his aunt, who will make this a trip of a lifetime for him. Mohan feels a strong attraction to her right away, but he resists because of the moral thread that keeps being slowly pulled away from him. Will Mohan overcome these obstacles, or will his desires cause him to disintegrate?

The barriers between Bindu Chachi and Mohan’s desires have been removed, and Bindu is now aware of Mohan’s propensity for her. When Bindu realizes that she shares the same feelings for Mohan, the plot becomes more complicated. In the midst of all of this, Mohan is unsure of whether his fantasies of being with Bindu Chachi will come true or not.

After witnessing everything that is happening between Bindu Chachi and his uncle, the story will pick up where the first part left off. Mohan will call Mitali to quench his thirst, and there will then be an intimate scene between Mitali and him. Bindu began to consider Mohan as well while he was messaging her.

Bindu Chahci’s mood quickly changed when she saw Mohan and Mitali in an intimate position that bothered her when she emerged from the bathroom after taking a bath. The next scene depicts Mohan’s father comforting Bindu while engaging in sexual activity with her. When Mohan entered the hallway, he once more heard the voice and couldn’t help but look. He enters the room to see what is going on and is startled to see his father with Bindu Chachi. Out of anger, he breaks a lamp.

to be aware of what will transpire and how Bindu Chachi will persuade Mohan to reconsider. And will Mohan give her charmsukh or not? On Ullu App, watch the Matki web series. More Palak Singh scenes can be found in Matki Part 2. Priya Gamre, Palak Singh, and Ankita Bhattacharya are the three main female characters in the web series.

Cast of Matki’s Web Series

Priya Gamre as Bindu
Palak Singh as Mitali
Bhanu Surya as Mohan
Ankita Bhattacharya as Naukrani
Anupam Gahoi as Girdhari

How To Watch Web Series Matki Part 2 Online

The Ullu App now has all four episodes of the Matki web series available. There are two episodes in both Parts 1 and 2. The web series’ four episodes each have a runtime of about two hours. S. Kumar is the director of the Matki web series. We will see Priya Gamre and Palak Singh working together in this web series.

The web series’ trailer, which debuted a few days ago, has received more than 500k views on YouTube. Only Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu are supported by this web series for streaming.

Download the Ullu app from the play store or Appstore to watch the web series. For access to this series and other ones on the platform, sign up or log in and then purchase an Ullu app subscription. On the Ullu App, there are hundreds of different web series, each of which has a unique plot.

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